Best Midseason Fantasy Baseball Pickups

As the dog days of summer approach, the Fantasy Baseball Season is heating up. While many teams are cruising, others are struggling. The following players are among the best pickups that can be made at this point of the season especially if one is playing on


Luis Perdomo-P-San Diego Padres- While most of the top quality starters are not available, Perdomo has quietly been putting up solid numbers for the Padres. With a strikeout rate of 7.94 K/Inning and having not allowed a Home Run since early April, Perdomo is the cure to most pitching woes.


Ben Gamel-OF-Seattle Mariners- When one thinks of the Mariners Offense most of the attention goes to Nelson Cruz and Jean Segura, and rightfully so. Gamel however has put up solid numbers since being recalled from Triple AAA and is currently batting .373 with 11 RBI’s.


Rhys Hoskins-1B-Philadelphia Phillies- While he has not been called up the Majors yet, Hoskins is tearing up the International League and is somehow owned in 11% of all Fantasy Baseball Leagues. It is only a matter of time until he is a staple for the struggling Phillies, and it is best to get him while he is available.


Ryan Schmipf-2B-San Diego Padres- Unfortunately, Schimpf is only batting .170 and is striking out 31.7%. However, Schimpf has still managed to bang out 9 Home Runs and can add some pop to lineups that are in need of some power.


Eddie Butler-P-Chicago Cubs- Eddie Butler really struggled while with the Colorado Rockies, but most pitchers do. It’s worth a shot to see if he can redeem himself now that he is out of Coors Field.


Others- Jed Lowrie, Hansel Robles, Kennys Vargas, Jose Urena, and Jorge Soler

How Avaaz Wants To Make A Better World

Avaaz is a nonprofit which was launched in New York City in 2007. While it is based in the United States it supports activism around the world. The main issues Avaaz is focused on include climate change, poverty, conflict, animal rights, and human rights. Mainly it is involved in online activities but it does support in-person protests as well.
This organization, found at, was co-founded by two other nonprofits, Res Publica and, as well as the Service Employees International Union. Avaaz, which means “voice” in a number of different languages, is led by its President and Executive Director Ricken Patel. He is of Canadian-British descent and attended Harvard University where he earned his Masters in Public Policy. Before joining Avaaz as a founder, Ricken Patal was with International Crisis Group which seeks to end internal conflicts around the world including in countries like Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Liberia.
Avaaz is made up of what Patel calls “practical idealists”. The organization doesn’t have any particular ideology outside of making the world a better place for the people and animals that inhabit it. However, it tends to be progressive policies that they most often support as those are the ones that are generally for human rights, animal rights, and agree that climate change is largely the result of human activities.
One of the campaigns that Avaaz is currently supporting is the cleanup of the world’s oceans. There are huge swathes of the ocean which are covered in plastics that have entered the ocean. The mass of this plastic is killing wildlife and killing virtually all life underneath the masses as they cut off sunlight. Another new campaign is to one to shut down the gay torture centers that exist in countries like Russia and other repressive regimes.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Bernardo Chua: Assisting World With World Class Products

Bernardo Chua, an expert in multi-level marketing and founder of Organo, is known as one of the pioneers of direct sales industry. Since last decades, he is continuously focusing all his efforts and skills on different teas, coffees and numerous other products that we use in our daily life in order to introduce Ganoderma to the people across the globe.

Bernardo Chua has worked for a couple of companies and with his devotion and skill and made them sore high in the sky. And the name of the name of the company is Gano Excel and Organo Gold (Organo is the one with whom he is still working.) By started working in the Philippines, Bernardo has played an essential role in bringing this new product “Ganoderma” to the productive North American market. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

ORGANO is a marketing company with an international network. Its mission is to change lives by assisting people from across the globe to reach new levels of freedom, balance, and well-being with the help of an opportunity about their premium business and products. Nutraceuticals, beverages and personal care products that are being offered at Organo are of utmost quality and are exclusively available through their registered distributors in more than fifty countries.

Their worldwide distributors can also provide you an on-demand sample of their famous product if you want to try it. These independent distributors also assist you in individual product sales with the help of different shipping options that you can choose according to your preferences and budget. Because few people would have it in their hand immediately after purchase and for that, they pay additional shipping charges where few can wait for few days and pay relatively less.

Bernado Chua grew up in its Philippines, and that was the reason why he is so affectionate about Ganoderma. The type of polypore mushrooms which is produced on logs wood around the globe has been highly considered in China and few other countries in Asia since very long time. Bernardo Chua after introducing Ganoderma to the international market became the pioneer of marketing this herb successfully with teas and coffees outside of the Philippines region

The Nick Vertucci Story: Let it Inspire You Too

Nick’s story is that of an individual who beat all odds to succeed in life. He was raised by both his parents for a time. His father passed away when Nick was just ten years old. It is at this point that life started becoming difficult.


After the death of his father, he watched as his mother worked even harder to try and raise the family by her lonesome. By the age of 18 he had no p lace to stay and as such was living in his van. He felt defeated and disillusioned at

Turning Point

When he decided to start his own business of selling computer parts, his life made a turn for the better. He was happy to be able to dictate how he worked and where and when. Things were on the up and up for him.

The dotcom crash of 2000 totally messed him up and he saw his investment disappear into the either. He had not planned well and so the crush really messed him. Nick Vertucci got more and more into debt and still lost almost everything he had before the melt down.

Real Estate Training

The 18 months after his business failed were the toughest. He was desperate for an opening. He was later invited for a three day real estate workshop by a friend. Though he was at first reluctant he was persuaded that it would be worth it at the end on In retrospect Nick Vertucci says that the decision to listen to his friend was the best he ever made.

It did not occur to him at once what he had to do though he felt that there was a wave of change in the air. The course did not pay off at once. As a matter of fact Nick Vertucci says that it took him over 10 years to finally hit oil so to speak.


When things got better and Nick Vertucci grew to a millionaire status, he promised to teach people and also to get out of debt. He transformed his family’s financial standing for the better. He says that everyone wants to succeed, but the lack of know how is what does them in.

The ‘Real Estate Academy’

Nick Vertucci decided to start an institute to train others on how to do business in the real estate world. The real estate institution he started purposes to help others to learn how to make money in real estate.

Clay Siegall makes huge contributions to the field of antibody drug conjugates

Prior to the 1930s, a diagnosis of cancer was often a death sentence. Most patients did not survive more than about six months from the onset of the first symptoms. This was almost independent of the cancer type. These patients often were treated only with palliative care, which usually involved little more than pumping them full of morphine or other opioids.

But then novel treatments started coming online . Throughout the ‘30s and ‘40s, it first became known that cancer could be successfully fought with the use of radiation and excision of the tumor site. Gradually, survival rates begin to improve. For some types of cancer, such as breast cancers, the survival rates dramatically improved throughout the 50s and ‘60s. It was in those decades that the first chemotherapies began becoming available.

However, even though these chemotherapies dramatically increased the survivability of certain types of cancers, they often entailed extremely brutal side effects and left patients with permanent damage, including things such as paresthesia and what’s known as chemo-brain, a fogginess of thought, which, in extreme cases, can be almost indistinguishable from dementia.

But for many types of cancer, survival rates did not significantly improve, right through the 1990s. Then a man by the name of Clay Siegall came along with a new solution. Rather than pumping the entire body full of the dangerous poison called chemotherapy, Dr. Siegall thought that it might be possible to specifically target the tumor tissue, only releasing the cytotoxic agent upon direct contact with the tumor site. In theory, this could completely eliminate the side effects of traditional chemotherapy regimens.

In 1998, Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of targeted cancer therapies and specifically, a class of drugs known as antibody drug conjugates. These drugs use the body’s own immune system to identify and target tumor sites. Through the use of a modified antibody that is bound to a cytotoxic agent, antibody drug conjugates are capable of targeting only the tumor site, virtually eliminating the systemic release of dangerous chemotherapeutic agents into the bloodstream.

This revolutionary class of drugs has the power to completely change the way cancer is treated.

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The Generosity of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a man with many talents as well as many goals for the future and for the legacy of his family name that is known as DeVos. The DeVos family name is a growing name that was first created when the family company of Amway Corporation was founded by Richard DeVos. Over the past several decades, the family business has grown at an exponential rate to experience success and to become a multi-billion dollar corporation that has been fully integrated into countries all over the world. Of the many prominent members of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos, Betsy Devos, and Richard DeVos are some of the most distinguished members of the family.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the founder and the creator of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has many talents as well as many titles including that of a successful businessman, a beloved family man, as well as a philanthropist who has made sure that millions of individuals across the United States experience a piece of his success over the years. Dick DeVos, though a well respected businessman, has loved giving back to communities across the United States even more. Dick DeVos has always see success as a subjective value that can only be defined by how much of one’s wealth is given back to enrich communities.


Dick DeVos has loved the idea and the career of business ever since he was a young boy. Dick DeVos had the fortune to be able to watch the vast and successful company grow from a small company that was held in the basement of his family home to an international and multi-billion dollar company. Dick DeVos has been extremely proud of what he and his employees have accomplished and hopes that the legacy of the DeVos family will continue to expand and be a respected legacy.


Though Dick DeVos is a businessman, he is also a philanthropist who is passionate about the education initiative. Dick DeVos has had plans to improve the education system across the country and to make sure that opportunities are offered to children who come from different backgrounds. Dick DeVos believes that education should be based upon merit and should not be based upon the level of income that a family makes on an annual basis. Dick DeVos has donated millions of dollars to fund scholarships and to even fund the building of schools.


Passive Fund Management is Not Always the Safest Bet

Tim Armour, the well-known fund manager of American Funds took to CNBC to write a response to Warren Buffett’s claim that passive fund management is most often the safest bet, and is also usually the smartest choice. Buffett claims that the majority of actively managed mutual and hedge funds are inefficient and that investors would be well served to choose a passively managed fund. In addition to stating that this is the safest way to go, Buffett also put forth the challenge that it is also the path that will bring the greatest level of returns. Tim Armour disputes this claim and respectfully disagreed with the Oracle from Omaha.

Armour does agree that there are a number of mismanaged funds that do get regularly out-performed by the market indices but he does not agree that this result is always the case. Yes, there are funds that charge exorbitant fees and that execute trades that are unwise and end up being costly, but Armour’s argument is that there are plenty of incidences where this is decidedly not the case. He believes that there are a good number of actively managed funds out there that consistently out-perform the markets.

While many people focus on the safety of passive funds, Armour brings up a very relevant point about the number of opportunities that are missed due to this passive management. In addition to being risk averse, passive funds can also create an environment where they are also growth-averse. By doing nothing but tracking the market, these funds can miss out on many smart trades that when executed in an efficient manner can create many significant returns. When active funds are properly managed without these inflated fees and nonsense trades, Armour believes that they will consistently beat the market.Warren Buffett is one of our nation’s very best financial advisors, and taking a position that does not agree with him 100% is not done very often, if at all!