Jeremy Goldstein Explains the Way around Stock options

In the recent years, many corporations have resorted to opt out of stock options as a major compensation method for employees. While some of these corporations took this action to save money, other corporations have complicated but viable reasons. Reports indicate that such corporations have three major reasons that balance between advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look at some of the main disadvantages and then advantages.

  • When the value of these stock options decreases, employees will resort to using other options. Even so, the corporations involved must report this loss and drop to stakeholders. Of course, in such cases, stockholders stand a chance of losing.
  • The second disadvantage of stock options is that employees are rather smart and understanding of how stock options work. Because they understand that there are unexpected futures like economic downturns, which can render these options useless, such times call for better payment methods that even casino tokens can beat.
  • With stock options, there are massive burdens of responsibilities attached. This means that the costs and charges involved in the risk are expensive than the eventual financial advantages. To most employees, stock options benefits cannot be that valuable compared to higher salaries.


However, even with the appended disadvantages, stock options have their advantages. Among the advantages are the simplicity of issuing stock options and the insurance coverage provided in the same docket. Other advantages include;

Stock options boost personal earnings especially if the shares of a corporation increase. When this happens, employees are encouraged to work harder for a better future not only for themselves but also for their clients. Moreover, even their service delivery skills go a notch higher. In return, customers become satisfied, and the company revenues increase.


Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent lawyer who is known for offering insightful advice regarding such matters is of the opinion that instead of banning stock options, other methods can be used.


It is critical to note that Jeremy Goldstein insists that there are safer ways of incorporating stock options in corporations. For starters, if an organization is hell-bent on using this means of compensation, it must embrace the knockout. This means that the applied stock options have better limits as well as vesting requirements. As usual, in case of employees lose their stock out options, shares must fall up to a certain level.


Jeremy Goldstein provides legal advice on employee benefits. He is a practicing attorney and for more than 15 years, has helped businesses to make the right decision. Jeremy Goldstein also owns an independent law firm named after him. Learn more:


OSI Industries Broadens Its Offerings By Acquiring Flagship Europe

OSI Industries is a high quality food provider that is partnered with top retail food brands and foodservice companies all over the world. The company works to offer its clientele with customized food solutions that will satisfy their specific needs. To do this, OSI has its own test kitchen where its professional chefs come up with foods for its customers. The company is known for its well-built infrastructure and is set up to offer customers all over the globe the exact kinds of foods they want. This is possible because OSI can develop, source, produce, and deliver these foods to a large amount of locations.

The heart of OSI Industries is its entrepreneurial model that is driven by passion and curiosity. The company is known for its excellent treatment of its employees and is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate when hiring. The fact is that OSI treats its employees like they are family, and this has always been the vision and hope of the original founders as well as the leadership of the company currently. OSI employees don’t work in isolated conditions but serve together as a team with a common goal that will promote the betterment of the company and all of its many team members.

Recently, OSI Industries has sought to continue its expansion into new markets and new areas of the world. Part of this endeavor has come in the form of new acquisitions and purchases that will ensure the strength of its infrastructure and continue to grow what it has to offer to its customer base. In this spirit, OSI decided to acquire Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group company. The company provides its customers with dips, mayonnaise, marinades, sauces, pies, sous vide products, and sandwich fillings, and Flagship Europe had already grown stronger before its own acquisition when it purchased Calder Foods.

David McDonald, COO and President of OSI Industries, was on-hand during the purchase and commented that the acquisition of Flagship Europe would give OSI the ability to expand its operations in Europe. He added that what made the acquisition especially helpful for OSI is the fact that the company can add to its already strong base of offerings with more options to meet the changing needs of its customer base. The Chief Executive of Flagship Europe, Russel Maddock, also expressed his optimism with the acquisition and spoke about how the added resources would help his company to be a stronger force in the food industry.