What You Can Expect To Read In Nick Vertucci’s New Book

Nick Vertucci is a man who has become a millionaire twice.

Each time, he was a self-made man.

Growing up, the Vertucci household struggled financially.

Things became even worse when Vertucci’s dad passed away, leaving his mother to do the best that she could for herself and her children.

Nick didn’t enjoy struggling and decided then and there that he would do whatever it took to ensure that his family had all that they needed going forward.

As a young man, he began a company that specialized in selling computer parts.

This business exploded, and he began earning millions.

During this time period, Nick Vertucci married his lovely wife, Gina, and had three beautiful daughters.

A story wouldn’t be great without a climax, however, and Nick’s story reached its climax in 2000 when the dotcom crash happened, leaving him and his family deeply in debt.

Nick Vertucci eventually crawled his way out of debt and regained his millions by investing in real estate.

Since beginning his real estate journey, he was written a book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.

In this book, Nick Vertucci details why he lost everything and what he did to pull himself back up by his bootstraps.

He also mentions his road map to success: a 4-step plan that can help anyone to succeed in the real estate world.

  • According to his road map, one has to

See It Clearly know what you want.

Believe It Believe you can reach whatever dream you have.

Map It Write out a plan that will help you to reach your goal. This plan needs to be step-by-step, and each step needs to be achievable.

Execute It Put your plan to action! This is the most fun and maybe even the most challenging part of your real estate journey. However, it is the most rewarding. Put your plan to work for you!

Pittsburg’s Susan McGalla Is A Source Of Inspiration For Women

The numbers touting the benefits of diversity in business are quite conclusive. Gender diverse companies show a 15% higher success rate than those that are not and the numbers for companies that adequately employ a variety of minorities show a boost in the success rate is 35%. The conclusion drawn from these numbers is that a diverse working environment promotes the development of new and innovative ideas.

It has been seen however that even with these positive numbers women are sorely underrepresented with S&P Fortune 500 companies.

Susan McGalla is a woman that refuses to be restricted by a glass or any other type of ceiling. McGalla grew up with two male siblings and a father that was a head football coach which she feels provided her with the strength to perform at her highest ability level while working in a male-dominated environment.

Susan McGalla was able to work her way to the top tier of positions at American Eagle Outfitters despite being the only female executive with the company when she began working for them. McGalla founder her own venture with P3 Executive Consulting and is presently the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy for the Pittsburg Steelers of the National Football League. Her stellar performance while working with the Steelers is another example of the strength McGalla displays while working in male-dominated environments.

Women and children of all ages looking for a bit of inspiration to push through the sometimes testy work environments women are forced to endure need to look no further than Susan McGalla.

June 11, 2018 | Category: CEO