Stream Energy – Helping Homeless in Dallas

Stream Energy is a national company that offers its customers options for wireless, energy, protection services, and other home services. Founded in 2005, Stream Energy provides services to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, and Washington D.C., and Texas. Their main goal is to provide customers with options to be connected to the world around them.

Going along with that mission of connecting people, Stream Energy recently started a philanthropy organization called “Stream Energy Patch“. Since Stream Energy has been so successful, making over $8 billion in revenue over the last 13 years, they decided to use some of that money to help homeless people in Dallas, Texas. Stream Energy Patch offers assistance to local charities and partners with other organizations to provide relief to homeless and displaced people. The local charities they work with do a wide range of things for those in need. Some of the charities offer physical items as assistance. Things such as clothing, toiletries and other basic needs, to homeless in that area. Local charities also partner to send children in need to do fun things they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Going along with this idea of partnering, the energy company has also matched large donations in the past to places like The Salvation Army. They have also helped veterans in the Dallas area in the past by providing transportation for veterans to an event and also providing food for the event.

They also partner with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to provide homes to low and no-income families in need as well as offering assistance to repair the homes for people who otherwise could not afford it. These partnerships set the tone for this company and demonstrate how much they actually care for their clients and the communities they serve.

Adam Milstein Has Helped Thousands Bridge A Cultural Divide

When an Israeli citizens moves to America, a certain amount of culture shock is part of the experience. The United States and Israel are both strong democracies based on many of the same fundamental principles, such as freedom, forward-looking entrepreneurship, and respecting the basic rights of all citizens — but just ask a recent Israeli immigrant and they’ll quickly point up some differences.

Selly Orai came to America from Israel in 2003. She discovered that Americans think it’s okay to smile at total strangers on the street, something that seemed odd and foreign to her. In Israel, one has a tendency to always “talk tough” while in America a more soft-spoken politeness is the norm. In Israel being “tough” is considered the equivalent of being “strong.” In America, you walk softly and carry a big stick.

These are just a few of the challenges that confront Israeli immigrants to America. That’s why another immigrant established the American-Israeli Council. His name is Adam Milstein. Born in Haifa, he came to America in 1981. At the time, Milstein and his wife, Gila, said that they “sat on their suitcases” every day in hopes of going back home soon.

But Adam Milstein dug in and got busy. He earned an MBA and launched himself into commercial real estate investment. After years of hard work he achieved considerable success. Today he is a partner with one of America’s premier real estate firms, Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein believed from the beginning that financial success comes with an obligation to give back. The American-Israeli Council has helped thousand of Israeli immigrants and people of Jewish heritage in uncounted ways, from getting better educational opportunities to advancing careers and building strong networking communities.

Under the leadership of Adam Milstein, the American-Israeli Council has become the fastest growing Jewish advocacy organization in the world. It currently sports 250,000 members and continues to grow.

For people like Shelly Oria, such an organization was a vital lifeline that helped her bridge the divide between her beloved homeland and new chosen home. Thanks to Adam Milstein, people like Shelly Oria have found a way to maintain a powerful dual identity that leverages the strength of both Israel and America.

The Career Development of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of the Kerrisdale Capital Management since 2009. For more than eight years, Sahm Adrangi manages all aspects of development strategies of the company. The firm started with less than $1 million and held over $150 million of assets as of July 2017. The name of Adrangi became prominent through short selling and publishing researches. The company presents its views on stocks concerning underfollowed longs and overhyped shorts. The primary objective of Adrangi is to promote the firm’s fundamental business aspects. The company gives its findings and researches on the firm’s website, Twitter, and third-party related sites.

Kerrisdale became prominent through eradicating and exposing the fraudulent companies from China. Apart from research on development strategies of various industries, Kerrisdale purposes to bring up experts in different sectors. For instance, the company determines to publish development stages of biotechnology sectors, like Unilife, Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Biosciences, and Sage Therapeutics among others. Also, Kerrisdale focuses on the mining industries where it does a market evaluation on firms, such as First Majestic Silver and Northern Dynasty Minerals. Also, Sahm Adrangi concentrates on exposing information about telecommunication industries. The firm publishes views on Globalstar, Viasat, Dish Network, and Straight Path Communication.

Sahm Adrangi assumes the role of an activist in numerous investment sectors. For example, Adrangi enforced the optimization of cash deployment and capital allocation policy of Lindsay Corporation Management in 2013. The individual also served as a financial adviser in controlling the credit committee in bankruptcy and remodeling situations at Chanin Capital Partners. The individual studied at the Yale University graduating with the Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Also, Adrangi appeared in numerous meetings as a speaker. These events include the Distressed Debt Investing Conference, the Value Investing Conference, and Sohn Conference. Various significant publications that feature the name of Adrangi are the Washington Posts and the New York Times.

Madison Street Capital Helps Infiniti HR Expand Its Operations

According to a recent article on, the international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, was the financial advisor for Infiniti HR. Infiniti HR provides business process solutions and human resources for small and medium-sized businesses. Oak Street Funding provided Infiniti with the facility. Madison’s CEO, Charles Botchway, announced the transaction. Scott Smrkovski, Infiniti’s HR CEO, said the partnership will create solutions that are innovative for SMB and Franchise communities. Oak Street Funding’s CEO and President, Rick Dennen, said the partnership would be beneficial for all parties involved. Petersen said Infiniti HR would provide a PEO industry platform that would create growth. He also said Oak Street would be a perfect partner for expansion.

Infiniti HR helps clients with employment related matters. Clients will be helped with employee benefits, human resource administration, payroll processing, risk management, and safety compliance.

Oak Street Funding is a First Financial Bank company out of Indianapolis. They help financial service businesses with commercial financing and financial institutions through third-party loan servicing.

Madison Street Capital has been in business for 13 years, and its’ headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. The firm has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. It offers business valuation services, buy side and sell side services, M&A services, middle market investment banking, and restructuring services. Its’ professional team has experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships. They help clients find the right capitalization and financial structure. Madison is one of the top providers of mergers & acquisitions advisory and corporate finance.

Madison Street Capital improves communities by supporting organizations like United Way. United Way identifies and resolves community problems. They work with businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, neighborhood associations, schools, and the faith community. Madison Street Capital can help business owners with acquisitions, building an exit strategy, selling a business, and corporate governance matters.


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Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm Predictions Keep Gaining Momentum

When Shervin Pishevar took a break from social media after being quite active on it until December, people weren’t expecting him to make a comeback to the scene quite in the way that he did in February. He made his comeback on Twitter and his 50 tweet long message to everyone is certainly catching the attention of people around the world. Pishevar was one of the earliest investors into Uber when it was just a small startup as well as being the founder of the investment firm Investment company.

When Shervin Pishevar went on his 21-hour tweet storm, he covered a variety of different topics, and none of them really bode well for the economy in the United States. He sees a financial storm coming to the stock market of the United States that will include a drop of around 6,000 points before it finally starts to even out. While many people shook off his comments as simply an angry rant, they started to consider giving them some credence after the stock market took a sharp plummet just a week or so later.

One of the interesting predictions that he has made that pertained to the economy of the United States pertaining to the future of the Silicon Valley tech hub. While Silicon Valley has been seemingly the birthplace of most major tech innovations and startups within the United States, Shervin Pishevar believes that this will soon come to an abrupt end. With technology creating new and innovative ways to communicate and share ideas, companies no longer have to limit themselves to any particular geographical location in order to succeed.

In fact, he sees the main corporations that have taken over Silicon Valley that include Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are soon going to see a major shift in power as they continue attempts to stifle any startups that potentially offer competition. Silicon Valley is no longer a location, Shervin Pishevar sees it as more of a movement that doesn’t have any borders thanks to the plethora of technological advancements available. Shervin Pishevar believes that these companies simply have too much power and that it will be impossible for them to maintain it for much longer.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Expert Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX, but he is known as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. He has been on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, and The View. Dr. Rohrich is an expert plastic surgeon known for his work in rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast surgery, and revision rhinoplasty.


Dr. Rohrich is a specialist in the field of rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. Rhinoplasty can change the look, appearance, and quality in the use of a person’s nose. Dr. Rohrich not only performs the surgery, but is a chairman of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium, a conference attended by surgeons across the globe.


Facelifts that are performed by Dr. Rohrich consist of the modern technique of lift-and-fill which fills deeper layers of the face. Facelifts can offer patients a younger looking neck and face. Dr. Rohrich’s is known around the world for his teachings of the up-to-date procedures he uses for facelifts.

Breast Surgery

Dr. Rohrich offers many options for those who wish to receive breast augmentation or lift surgery. He uses saline and silicone breasts. Working with the patient is key to understanding each person’s needs. Other options he offers include the size and shape of the breast implant and location of the incisions. Breast surgery is good for patients who need to reshape their breasts and make them more symmetrical, those who want larger or smaller breasts, and those who wish to have more stable body proportions. Dr. Rohrich founded the AiRS Foundation which helps women receive breast surgery after a mastectomy.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients who previously had a nose job can opt for revision rhinoplasty, or secondary rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is known as one of the most problematic types of plastic surgery due to the corrective procedures that need to take place. The nasal cavity is fragile and revision rhinoplasty should only be done by an expert in the field. Dr. Rohrich has dedicated a large portion of his lectures and studies to revision rhinoplasty.


Infinity Group Australia Helps Clients Reduce Their Debt Every Step of the Way

The financial industry can be a difficult thing to navigate, especially for families in Australia who are not offered much guidance and help when it comes to understanding their mortgage. As someone with an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business and 17 years of experience in the financial industry, Graeme Holm and his company Infinity Group Australia are working to help families achieve financial independence. Graeme Holm co-founded the company in 2012 and still acts as their Director more than 6 years later. By teaching financial responsibility by giving clients ongoing support while helping them reduce their debt, Infinity Group Australia is able to help families pay off their mortgage and other debt considerably faster than other brokerage services.


Graeme Holm believes that many people have not been given a fair deal when it comes to their mortgage and that they need help getting their financial situations under control. Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group Australia after researching the industry and creating a business plan over 6 months with his partner, he wanted to know exactly what families in Australia were dealing with in multiple aspects of their lives in order to help them pay off the debt that they had accrued over the years. The company has been recognized multiple times for their excellent customer service and innovative methods.


Most brokerage companies don’t really do much besides collect money after the loan is made, but Infinity Group Australia is different. They continue to offer advice and guidance throughout the entire process from beginning to end almost like a financial personal trainer. This method has allowed their clients to be able to pay off their debt considerably faster than with other methods. The results that have been shown are impressive, all of their clients are able to pay more on their home loans in 3 months while using their services than they had paid in the 12 months before.


The methods that Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia use to help their clients involve looking into the big picture of their family’s life. They help them figure out ways to budget their living expenses like food and entertainment on a weekly basis to help reduce the debt in their lives. Holm’s believes that if you cannot pay for the things that you want in cash then you shouldn’t be making the purchase. This philosophy helps his clients to meet their financial goals over time. Learn more :


The Man With A Vision: Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel has been known as one of the best at everything that he does. From recruiting players, scouting players, and even scouting his upcoming opponents and getting his team ready for their next game.

Hufnagel’s first season with Harvard help went on to have a 21-8 record season with a 10-4 record in the Ivy League. This would create a postseason berth in the Tournament and considered one of the top 30 best recruiting classes of that season. The very next season, coming back with a 23-7 season record and an eye-catching 12-2 record in the Ivy League, earning their spot at the Ancient Eight title where four of Vanderbilt’s players earned the All-Ivy Selections and even earned their first National ranking topping out at No. 21.

Hufnagel started his journey at Vanderbilt in May of 2013, but his success started before his arrival at Tennesse, spending 4 years at Harvard. During those four years, he spent as Crimson’s recruiting coordinator he helped lead his team to four 20 game win seasons along with Ivy League championships for the last three years in Harvard. Hufnagel really focused on his part of the team that not too many people really take into consideration dealing with perimeter player development and scouting his opponents.

All of Hufnagel’s success continued after his move to Vanderbilt, a team that hadn’t really had all of their pieces to their staff. That is until Hufnagel came into the picture in 2013. Now he is considered one of the best assistant coaches that the NCAA basketball program has ever seen and say he is 1 of 9 of Harvard’s “Dream Team” assistant coaches. Hufnagel’s success doesn’t just show with his season records, but also with players he has developed that are in the NBA with a successful NBA career. One of them is the well-known player Blake Griffin.

Many people are born with amazing gifts and abilities and Hufnagel’s ability to do everything that he does with such precisions is just a born ability that he has perfected. Hufnagel is definitely one of the most interesting assistant coaches and a model for any up-and-coming coaches to come.