Alastair Borthwick Contributed To Scotland’s Appeal Through Writing And Radio Casting

There are few individuals that have made a contribution as large as Alastair Borthwick has for his home country of Scotland. Not only was he a popular writer and radio broadcaster that brought sounds of new people and tourists to the country, but he also served in the military for several years. Alastair didn’t have much of an education to start out since he dropped out of high school when he was a teenager. Despite this, Alastair took a job working at a newspaper business and his skills in writing and journalism were picked up right away. In just a few years, Alastair managed to become an editor for the Glasgow Herald.

Although Alastair was doing well at his company as an editor, he ended up moving to take on an even better position at a London news company. The position was prestigious and made good money for Alastair, but he ultimately gave it up because he preferred living in rural areas rather than a bustling and growing city like London. After returning home, Alastair found a position as a radio correspondent in 1939, which allowed him to have a verbal outlet alongside his passion for writing. After a couple years working on the radio, Alastair became one of the leading authors in the entire country with a book publishing with all his best works. As a quick bestseller, Always A Little Further, is what put Alastair on the map.

Not long after Alastair’s book was published, he was assigned as an Intelligence Officer as part of the Seaforth Highlanders during the second world war. War is not a particularly fun subject or something that Alastair wanted to participate in other than protecting his nation, but it turns out it would be the best material he had written about yet. By 1946, Alastair Borthwick had written another book based on his time in the second world war covering the journey he and his squad, the Seaforth Highlanders, underwent during its duration.