Ara Chackerian contribution to the health sector

Ara Chackerian stays in California, where he is popularly known for his impact in the healthcare department. He pursued his studies from Florida State University, where he acquired a degree in marketing. Previously, he was the owner of the BMC Diagnostics and supported it up to its purchase by Health Diagnostics.He also served a senior position in the management of Pipeline Health Holdings.

Over his duration in the health sector, he has been trying to connect healthcare amenities with advanced technologies. Besides health, he has a passion for the environment and youth developments. Limonapa Teak is an environmental project that he has had in Nicaragua. He has created hundreds of job opportunities for occupants in that region. Ara Chackerian linked up with Richard Bermudas to research technology and therapies which landed them to TMS. This is an organization that has the capability to become the backbone of psychiatric healthcare.

Their idea was to build a healthcare model that allowed the ill and the practitioners to fulfill their results. Both individuals have been able to build seven fresh facilities since their partnership two years ago. The facilities are operating in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Telemedicine and advanced healthcare applications are the trends which he is interested in. That is because they have the capability to bring value to the health sector.

According to Ara Chackerian, Welltower is among the leading drug manufacturing. This is because of the high demand for its drugs. Moreover, the firm is expected to perform better in the future due to the appropriate leadership. Abbvie is also a drug producer that has captured the global market for a long duration. Humira, one of its medicines is really doing well globally. Lastly, there is Pfizer which has been concentrated in the health industry. Its stock has been in good from 1938.