Richard Liu Qiangdong Reveals Information About

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the CEO of, the largest retailer in China. The company opened doors in 2004 although it was a rebrand of JingDong, a brick and mortar business that he had started in 1998. Ever since starting this business, his journey in entrepreneurship has been exceptional. He one of a kind business person who possesses skills that cannot be matched by many. His ability to spot opportunities and to make decisions that lead to instant success is unique. By the time he was establishing He was already in charge of 12 physical stores that dealt with computer accessories.

Richard Liu Qiangdong in an interview at the World Economic Forum revealed exclusive information about his entrepreneurial journey. He started by stating that the name comes from a combination of his name and that of his girlfriend. is currently worth over $6o billion and employs over 167,000 employees. Last year, the company added more than 30,000 workers, an indication of the thorough expansion of the business operations. Richard Liu who was born in a humble family, where his parents owned a small coal shipping business, was interested in going into business. While in college, he started his first business which was a restaurant, but it failed. However, he learned the reason it failed and decided to rectify in the next business. While other students were looking for opportunities to work with the government, Liu was interested in starting a business.

The success of Richard Liu Qiangdong came in 2004 when China was experiencing a SARS outbreak. Since he did not want his staff to be exposed to the epidemic, he offered them leave. While his business remained closed, he convened a meeting with the senior managers in his retail business. He wanted to know how they would address the situation. One of the managers suggested that they should try doing internet business where they would not need to see the customer in order to serve them. This is the magical idea that Richard Liu embraced and the business has never been the same before. They tested the idea by closing the physical doors for a year and realized that it was indeed profitable and easier to manage an internet based business.

Agera Energy is Bringing New Products to the Country

When Agera Energy started in business, their goal was to provide an alternative to standard electric and natural gas providers. They wanted to bring the same service at a much lower cost to the consumer. They have been able to attain that goal by constantly monitoring the market and purchasing their supplies from reliable sources at reduced rates. They then pass these savings on to their customers.

Agera Energy has moved their business into new markets and are now able to supply energy from wind powered turbines to their customers. This option reduces costs even further and many of their current customers are now changing to this source of electric energy for their homes and businesses. Agera Energy believes that if all households were to reduce their consumption of energy from traditional sources and switch to wind energy, they can help the environment immensely. To know more about the company click here.

When you set up an account with Agera Energy, the customer service team will go through all of the options that are available in your area for energy. If you should decide to change to wind energy, they will have their technicians come to your home to evaluate what you will need to make the change.

Stream Energy For Those In Need

What does stream energy have to do with people who have lost everything? Plenty. Stream Energy is a company that has been known to provide energy, wireless and home service, but they also play a major role in philanthropy. A company with its roots in Dallas, Texas uses stream energy to help those who have been devastated by major catastrophe.

For an example, Hurricane Harvey dropped fifty-six inches of rain in the Houston area leaving many without homes. Stream stepped up to the plate first and decided to do something for hurting folk. How did they do this? They did it by launching a charity foundation called Stream Cares. The company not only helped those in need but created good feelings and loyal customers as well as public respect.

The Dallas location has close ties with both Habitat For Humanity and the Red Cross, but they also participate in local charities. Here’s how stream energy works, they pay its associate to build up a network of loyal customers. In return, they deliver service at a fixed price. They also provide virtual doctors. They didn’t stop there with their charity they went on to give not only in Texas but all over the country. One of the things they do is find out how many people are homeless in Dallas. How does this help? Well by keeping track and partnering with an organization called Hope, they were able to feed over one thousand Texas homeless children. Together with Hope, they provide money, clothes, school supplies. They have ties with Habitat For Humanity and the Red Cross.

There are many corporations that are philanthropic, but what makes Stream special is that extra mile they’re willing to take.

In the year 2016, Stream and the Salvation Army raised thousands of dollars after tornadoes wreaked havoc on North Dallas and the people there lost their homes. Stream matched funds giving by donors which in turn doubled the amount of money.

Stream goes beyond just giving money because they devote time and loyalty to the community.

Shervin Pishevar: 50 Important Tweets

Shervin Pishevar, an active angel investor, decided to take the Twitter world by storm in February of last year. After being quiet for quite some time on the social media platform, he decided to be heard. He announced that he had a few concerns he wanted to share. He, then, created what is best described as a tweet storm.

Shervin Pishevar sent 50 tweets. While this doesn’t sound like a lot to some, what makes it so surprising is that they were all sent within 24 hours. Each of them piggy-backed off of the previous one, ultimately creating an essay of sorts.

A number of topics were covered in the tweets. Shervin Pishevar wanted to talk about the economy, cryptocurrency, monopolies, the entrepreneurial spirit, and more.

These tweets have been read by tens of thousands of people at this point. Many blogs have decided to talk about Shervin Pishevar’s tweets, too. What got the attention is that many of his predictions have come true, including the 6000 point drop in aggregate on the stock market and the plummeting value of Bitcoin.

While Shervin pointed out all of the issues going on, he didn’t offer solutions. One thing is for sure, however. We need to strip the power of monopolies in order to get the entrepreneurial spirit back.

 High Quality Sustainable Organo Gold Coffee

Independent and chain coffee shops in the US are increasingly catering to the new age coffee drinker. The new age coffee drinker not only demands that the coffee is of the highest quality but also insists that the production of the coffee is done in a sustainable manner.

Organo Gold was launched in 2008 with the purpose of providing customers across the world with the finest quality coffee. Besides coffee, the company also offers teas and wellness products. They sell their products through the direct selling method and use independent distributors. They allow distributors of their products to give free samples to coffee lovers and to supply local coffee shops to re-sell their latest tea and coffee products. Organo Gold has enabled independent distributosr to market and endorse their products to customers. The company encourages organic farming and uses the best natural ingredients in all their products.

Organo Gold produces a wide range of high quality products. They have a full line of high quality coffee beverages. The company manufactures single serve brews and teas. The company also manufactures products for the health and wellbeing of customers. Some products dedicated to the health and wellbeing of customers include beauty bars, spore powder, nutritional shakes and grape seed oil. Their king of Coffee product is the only coffee that is blended with the highly nutritional Ganoderma mushroom powder.

Organo Gold is not only improving the health of customers but also the income of their distributors through their innovative direct marketing method.

Organo Gold Improvements in the Market

Organo Gold has been active in the selling of a variety of coffee, tea, and other products. More than 1000 employees are working at Organo Company with Bernado Chua as the top executive officer as well as the founder. There are more than one million customers who use Organo products and many have given their feedback on the social media platform on how efficient and unique Organo old products work there is stiff competition from other companies that sell the same product by Bernardo Chua works closely with other employees to understand the customer’s needs, tastes and preferences.

Since its Establishment, Organo company has been using Ganoderma Lucidium an ancient mushroom previously founding Asia but also present in China. There are many benefits earned from using Ganoderma Mushroom including enhancement of body immune system, increasing energy in the body, enhance weight loss among other significant benefits. The mushroom originated from the mining dynasty and with time experts from Organo Gold Company realized its gains and uses it for producing various products.

The company funded millions of money to the farmers and encouraged them to plant more Ganoderma mushroom allowing consistent in the market. The company management team has also taken the initiative to increase the sales of their products. They have adopted various policies including packing their products in very conspicuous packages as well as marketing the product through the online market.

Bernado Chua promotes teamwork among the employees to ensure they share new ideas on how they can improve the company. There are funds and resources set aside for research and market opportunities analysis to ensure that the company develops and establishes more branches in other parts of the world. Organo Company continues to be rated high for the contributions it makes towards the industry of the United States.

How Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Have Transformed InnovaCare Health

As healthcare has become more competitive, companies are in need of innovative ideas and leadership. Fortunately for InnovaCare Health, it has found both with two members of its leadership team. With Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm, the company has become a major player in today’s healthcare industry. By using time-tested methods as well as today’s latest technology, clients have been able to improve their quality control, profit margins, and patient engagement practices.

As the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto brings over 25 years of experience to his position. Focusing on physician-led care models throughout his career, Dr. Shinto has a proven track record of helping healthcare organizations improve not only their overall patient satisfaction rates, but also their financial performance. Having extensive experience in Medicare Advantage plans, Dr. Rick Shinto has shared his experiences with others by publishing numerous articles on clinical medicine, Medicare ins and outs, and other issues related to the state of healthcare in today’s world.

Along with Rick Shinto, InnovaCare Health is also led by its Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Currently in her second stint with InnovaCare Health, Penelope has also been a key part of other healthcare organizations over the years. While working with Aveta Inc., she served as Vice-President of Clinical Operations, as well as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Experienced in developing clinical programs for a wide variety of facilities, Penelope has gained an industry-wide reputation for improving organizational efficiency and infrastructure.

Formed in 2012, InnovaCare Health has since become a major player in transforming the fortunes of numerous healthcare organizations. Realizing physician groups were facing a changing market that would be defined by greater efficiency as well as profit margins, the company set out to communicate with physician groups in an effort to teach them how their company could take their practices and facilities to the next level in health care. As a result, numerous healthcare facilities and organizations have been able to use value-based business models established by InnovaCare Health to reduce operational expenses, improve patient care, and ultimately see their profit margins exceed expectations.

While there is little doubt today’s healthcare industry will continue to undergo numerous changes in the years to come, the good news for companies and organizations is that with Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides leading the way, profit margins, efficiency, and patient care will continue to improve.

HGGC uses the new funding to expand in FPX

FPX which is a global leader when it comes to the provision of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) announced it got an investment funding from their partner, HGGC, which is undisclosed. HGGC is a top private equity company. The private equity firm acquired FPX in 2016, and it has been providing capital funding to the firm to make it expand and achieve its goal. The company also wants FPX to boost its development of products and also have an enhanced channel of partnerships.

The company is renowned in the investment world for successfully investing in organizations that compete for the e-commerce markets. The company has led many successful investments, and today it has reached a transaction aggregate of $15 billion. Some of these notable successful investments include Selligent, Hybris and MyWebGrocer.

The Chief Executive Officer who is also one of the founders of FPX, Rich Lawson said that it is the best opportunity for FPX to dominate the CPQ market after partnering with HGGC. The organization is committed when it comes to investment and with the partnership; they can catapult their position and achieve their goals. They first examined the vendor space and discovered that FPX is a company that was in a better position according to their vision, talent and product capability.

It is funding that comes after FPX had been experiencing intense growth. Due to the growth, the company has expanded and opened offices in various parts of Europe. They have their headquarters located in Munich, Germany but they have expanded in other areas like London. The SaaS vendor company aims at simplifying and experiences selling to enable enterprise businesses to achieve the expectations of modern customers. The organization is powerful to enable your company to advance its commerce strategy. It also simplifies things to enable your organization to increase the capabilities of making indirect and direct sales without facing challenges. They understand the power of transforming your business in this digital information error.

HGGC is a private equity company that has committed a cumulative capital of more than $4.3 billion. The firm is located in Palo Alto, Calif. It uses an “Advantaged Investing” strategy that makes it get scalable companies to establish partnerships with founders, sponsors and management teams.

GreenSky’s Financial Technology

GreenSky was established in the year 2006. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. The company also has a call center in Covington, Kentucky. It was founded by David Zalik who is a genius in nature. He managed to start his company at the age of 14. The company serves as a middleman. It provides technical assistance to merchants and banks in making loans. Unlike other credit companies, GreenSky programs are supplied by state-chartered, federal and federally-insured financial institutions. GreenSky works with over 17,000 retailers. The retailers utilize the loans in home improvement, healthcare and for solar solutions. Home improvements endeavors include roofing and window repair. From the year 2012 to 2016, over $5 billion has been lent through GreenSky’s program.

The company is managed by David Zalik, who serves as the CEO. In an interview, he admitted that GreenSky is not well-known firm as compared to other credit companies. This is because the organization doesn’t make loans using its capital. GreenSky has partnered with various banks in this project. Some of these banks include SunTrust and Regions Financial Corporate. These banks have made several loans through the GreenSky mobile app to many consumers. These consumers range from merchants and retailers like the Home Depot. Moreover, the company signs up all merchants that purchase and sell home improvement items like aluminium siding, roofing and window replacement. GreenSky is also planning to expand its services to bring on board all elective medical personnel such as doctors nurses and veterinary officials.

GreenSky is comprised of a very hardworking team. It has contributed to providing solutions for all the consumers who visit them. In turn, they have played a part in improving the lives of their customers. The company has also been critical in transforming all small-sized businesses into middle-sized corporates. The team is much dedicated to steer the company forward and achieve more. In the year 2016, the organization recorded the highest profits. However, as a privately owned firm, they are not required to disclose their financial information to the public. With the companies’ penetration into the financial marketplace, it’s going to change the face of the financial industry.

The Expansion Of

Going to the store seems to be a “fashion” of the past. Now, someone can conveniently go online to their favorite store and shop right from your living room, or really anywhere. The idea of online selling is rapidly expanding. In the midst of this is the site, or Jingdong, is establishing an e-commerce market in Thailand, while already having this new platform “JD CENTRAL” in Indonesia. This site has already invested in Tiki, Vietnam’s leading business to customer(B2C) e-commerce business. JD CENTRAL offers both direct sales and marketplace models, and their sales have exceeded what they have expected. is mostly used through cell-phone, making up 80% of the shoppers. They offer a variety of goods, such as electronics or other digital products, fashion, home appliances, books, and many other home goods, like cosmetics, toiletries, beverages, and processed foods. Of these products sold online, mobile devices and fashion are among the top-selling items. Jingdong has also partnered with popular Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, and Lenovo to make sure someone has a rich online experience. Recently, Jingdong has partnered with San Miguel, one of the leading citrus companies in the Southern Hemisphere to maximize and strengthened their relationship to market fresh produce.

In addition to San Miguel, Zespri and Wonderful Citrus have also joined this agreement. JD’s technology and the online company is advancing rapidly. They are creating this operation with great success. With this advancement in technology and better, faster operations, they are also creating better shipping speeds as well. In the Thai capital Bangkok, the new e-commerce business will soon offer same-day delivery along with nationwide deliveries with their partnership with local delivery services. With partnerships with popular brands, or even smaller, unknown brands, will have a close relationship with its customers, creating a better shopping experience. This modern way of shopping is upon us, and is making strides to create a better and easier online shopping experience.