High Quality Sustainable Organo Gold Coffee

Independent and chain coffee shops in the US are increasingly catering to the new age coffee drinker. The new age coffee drinker not only demands that the coffee is of the highest quality but also insists that the production of the coffee is done in a sustainable manner.

Organo Gold was launched in 2008 with the purpose of providing customers across the world with the finest quality coffee. Besides coffee, the company also offers teas and wellness products. They sell their products through the direct selling method and use independent distributors. They allow distributors of their products to give free samples to coffee lovers and to supply local coffee shops to re-sell their latest tea and coffee products. Organo Gold has enabled independent distributosr to market and endorse their products to customers. The company encourages organic farming and uses the best natural ingredients in all their products.

Organo Gold produces a wide range of high quality products. They have a full line of high quality coffee beverages. The company manufactures single serve brews and teas. The company also manufactures products for the health and wellbeing of customers. Some products dedicated to the health and wellbeing of customers include beauty bars, spore powder, nutritional shakes and grape seed oil. Their king of Coffee product is the only coffee that is blended with the highly nutritional Ganoderma mushroom powder.

Organo Gold is not only improving the health of customers but also the income of their distributors through their innovative direct marketing method.

Organo Gold Improvements in the Market

Organo Gold has been active in the selling of a variety of coffee, tea, and other products. More than 1000 employees are working at Organo Company with Bernado Chua as the top executive officer as well as the founder. There are more than one million customers who use Organo products and many have given their feedback on the social media platform on how efficient and unique Organo old products work there is stiff competition from other companies that sell the same product by Bernardo Chua works closely with other employees to understand the customer’s needs, tastes and preferences.

Since its Establishment, Organo company has been using Ganoderma Lucidium an ancient mushroom previously founding Asia but also present in China. There are many benefits earned from using Ganoderma Mushroom including enhancement of body immune system, increasing energy in the body, enhance weight loss among other significant benefits. The mushroom originated from the mining dynasty and with time experts from Organo Gold Company realized its gains and uses it for producing various products.

The company funded millions of money to the farmers and encouraged them to plant more Ganoderma mushroom allowing consistent in the market. The company management team has also taken the initiative to increase the sales of their products. They have adopted various policies including packing their products in very conspicuous packages as well as marketing the product through the online market.

Bernado Chua promotes teamwork among the employees to ensure they share new ideas on how they can improve the company. There are funds and resources set aside for research and market opportunities analysis to ensure that the company develops and establishes more branches in other parts of the world. Organo Company continues to be rated high for the contributions it makes towards the industry of the United States.