How to Execute Your Marketing Strategy Using Wikipedia

One of the brilliant ways of enhancing your online marketing strategy is by using Wikipedia. Most marketers have incorporated Wikipedia into their marketing strategies, and as a result, they have succeeded in displaying their services and products to potential clients. The online encyclopedia also known as Wikipedia is more than a directory. Its content is written in a collaborative manner, meaning that once one writer publishes an article, other writers can edit or update it. On the other hand, when telling people about a particular brand, the information you post when you make a Wiki page must be based on reviews from different people who know the brand. When using Wikipedia to enhance your marketing strategy, take note of the following factors.

Boosting your online visibility

First, create a Wikipedia page for your brand. This procedure is essential because published Wikipedia pages always show up in the first pages of search engines such as Google and Bing. According to the Alexa rankings, Wikipedia is number seven on the list of websites with many page views across the globe. It also ranks number six in the US. Not every brand qualifies for a Wikipedia page. You can enlist for a Wikipedia writing service such as Get Your Wiki to create a Wikipedia page on your behalf. The topic to be written should have reliable sources for it to appear on the online encyclopedia. Therefore, you should review Wikipedia guidelines before creating a page.

How to avoid malicious Wiki edits

As a marketer, note that articles published on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor your brand by enabling Wikipedia notifications. To enable the alerts, you should have a working email address as well as an active Wikipedia account. Under the preferences section, you will find the notifications tab. Click on this tab to enable email notifications. Alternatively, you can enlist for help from Get Your Wiki Wikipedia writers who are experienced in creating content about brands as well as monitoring their online presence. These writers will vet new article edits about your brand to ensure that they are accurate and at par with Wikipedia standards.

Wikipedia was created courtesy of the Wikimedia Foundation. This non-profit organization comprises of several other projects that are considered as the sister projects of Wikipedia. You can use them in your marketing strategies. They include Wikidata (a directory for relevant information) and Wikimedia Commons (a directory for media).

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Don’t Let Your Business Fall Between Your Fingers!


One thing that people tend to overlook is how strong the internet really is. There are so many people constantly looking for things, or being influenced by things, that it all becomes a sort of lul and trend. How your business is hooked up to that trend can determine how many customers of a new type that you’ll have doing business with you — the online crowd. There are millions and millions of people who use the internet every day — tens of thousands of them local to you. Advertising to them — (or just being in their general field of view), is incredibly important.


While some businesses have an easy time advertising to those who are just passing by, (i.e. truck stops, gas stations, etc), smaller businesses especially, (or those who are more odd ball or specific), have a very difficult time doing this. They could pay a company to help rank them up on popular search engines like Google, (which is used by more people in the world than almost anything), and not have to go through all of the trouble and experimentation. That’s exactly why companies like Fix Search Results exists and specializes in online reputation management.


Online reputation management is key in the early 21st century when it comes to keeping your business stable. A lot of things can happen or change very quickly, so it’s important to stay progressive and always have the edge. Reputation management consultants can do a lot more for you than just help you fix your ranking on search engines or highlight the positive sides of your business. They can help you shape everything overall, as well as increase both your sales potential and happiness potential in your place of work.

How To Protect Your Own Name Online

Do you want to have a good chance at landing a top notch high paying job? Do you have a career of being in the public eye and you want to stay away from bad press? The moment a mistake in your life appears, it can highly affect your life in a negative way. Bad press can ruin your entire future. It’s vital to be more careful with what you do online and also what you monitor. The best thing to do is to work collectively with somebody like Darius Fisher who can work towards improving your brand efficiently.

How To Protect Your Own Name Online

You start off by being wise with what you do online. For example, don’t go out there and just type everything out on your social media channels. Private information or photos that you would not like to be leaked should never be uploaded to the Internet. To stay on the safe side, make sure to also work towards going through Google to read what people are saying about you.

Darius Fisher is a marketing expert with Status Labs who has worked with people from all aspects of business and branding. With a focus on reputation management, they utilize public relations and a huge plethora of marketing strategies to help with the marketing of anybody.

Protecting your name is so much easier when working with somebody like Darius because he can form of a specific program that protects your company. There are tons of people who just love the power and the beauty behind the world of social media, but it can come right back to bite you if you aren’t careful.  He knew that it was going to take work and proper marketing to get his name out of bad publicity. You can easily protect your business working with someone like Darius.