Freedom Checks: The Bottom Line

In the recent times, there are numerous opportunities which have been presented to individuals asking them to invest their money for a handsome return. The sad truth is that not all of these are real investments, with a majority of them turning to scams. Freedom checks are one of the investment opportunities which is enticing Americans with the promise of a high return on capital. The big question, however, is ‘ are freedom checks a real investment‘? In answering this question, one needs to understand what they are and how they work.

Freedom checks are payments received from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), a venture existing as a publicly traded limited partnership. It allows for taxation benefits where taxations of is after distributions to investors and liquidity as a public company. Under Stature 26-F, a company can be categorized as an MLPs if 90% of its earning is from natural resources and distributes them to their investors. The term ‘freedom checks’ was introduced by Matt Badiali in 2016 whereby he developed a system where one can invest in MLPs and acquire high returns on capital. With his experience and expertise in understanding natural resources, he states that there is an excellent opportunity for all Americans willing to invest their money.

Freedom checks have been perceived as a scam only because many people have little understanding of how the investment works. It is not a scheme for people to get rich fast; instead, it is an investment like any other whereby one has to be willing to put their money and wait for it to acquire returns. The significant difference between this investment and many other investments such as stocks and bonds is that it’s from MLPs whose primary revenue is from oil or/and gas within America. Before investing your money in this system, it is essential to do your due diligence and ensure that you understand how the system works and the risks and returns which come with the investment. That is the bottom line; just like any other investments, investors need to understand precisely where they are investing.

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