How to Execute Your Marketing Strategy Using Wikipedia

One of the brilliant ways of enhancing your online marketing strategy is by using Wikipedia. Most marketers have incorporated Wikipedia into their marketing strategies, and as a result, they have succeeded in displaying their services and products to potential clients. The online encyclopedia also known as Wikipedia is more than a directory. Its content is written in a collaborative manner, meaning that once one writer publishes an article, other writers can edit or update it. On the other hand, when telling people about a particular brand, the information you post when you make a Wiki page must be based on reviews from different people who know the brand. When using Wikipedia to enhance your marketing strategy, take note of the following factors.

Boosting your online visibility

First, create a Wikipedia page for your brand. This procedure is essential because published Wikipedia pages always show up in the first pages of search engines such as Google and Bing. According to the Alexa rankings, Wikipedia is number seven on the list of websites with many page views across the globe. It also ranks number six in the US. Not every brand qualifies for a Wikipedia page. You can enlist for a Wikipedia writing service such as Get Your Wiki to create a Wikipedia page on your behalf. The topic to be written should have reliable sources for it to appear on the online encyclopedia. Therefore, you should review Wikipedia guidelines before creating a page.

How to avoid malicious Wiki edits

As a marketer, note that articles published on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor your brand by enabling Wikipedia notifications. To enable the alerts, you should have a working email address as well as an active Wikipedia account. Under the preferences section, you will find the notifications tab. Click on this tab to enable email notifications. Alternatively, you can enlist for help from Get Your Wiki Wikipedia writers who are experienced in creating content about brands as well as monitoring their online presence. These writers will vet new article edits about your brand to ensure that they are accurate and at par with Wikipedia standards.

Wikipedia was created courtesy of the Wikimedia Foundation. This non-profit organization comprises of several other projects that are considered as the sister projects of Wikipedia. You can use them in your marketing strategies. They include Wikidata (a directory for relevant information) and Wikimedia Commons (a directory for media).

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