Omar Boraie Gives Back To Rutgers

This article explains how Omar is helping New Brunswick become a place the people of New Jersey may come for healthcare, and it will show how he is giving back to a school that does so much for the community. He wants to see New Brunswick remain a global healthcare magnet as reported by Newswise, and endowing a chair at Rutgets helps improve research at the school.

#1: Giving $1.5 Million To Rutgers

The chair of genomics research is a chair that will bring in some of the finest scientists in the world to apply, and they will have people applying for the position who wish to work in a world-class facility. Someone who is looking at new places to complete their research will be more likely to choose Rutgers, and seeing the commitment of the community to the school helps them sell their brand to other academics.

#2: Omar Helps Develop The Community

They have found places in the city that may be changed for the better, and they work out arrangements that will grow the city around the university. Anyone who wishes to have a better college or community experience will find New Brunswick to be a beautiful place to live. Visit to view his profile.

#3: Omar Helps Build New Jersey

The work that Omar’s firm does helps develop in many parts of New Jersey, and someone who wishes to see the state improve will quite enjoy the way he reaches out to cities to help them build. He knows that he may build something beautiful in the place of something old, and he will continue to work on ways to help each city in New Jersey that wishes to grow.

Omar Boraie, his son Sam Boraie and family are committed in every way to New Jersey, and he is helping Rutgers by endowing a new chair in medicine that will make the college a better place to learn and study. Anyone who wishes to complete research in genomics may come to Rutgers knowing the facility is brilliant, and they will find the city around it has been built up by the people who have put the most heart and soul into the community.

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