The Man With A Vision: Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel has been known as one of the best at everything that he does. From recruiting players, scouting players, and even scouting his upcoming opponents and getting his team ready for their next game.

Hufnagel’s first season with Harvard help went on to have a 21-8 record season with a 10-4 record in the Ivy League. This would create a postseason berth in the Tournament and considered one of the top 30 best recruiting classes of that season. The very next season, coming back with a 23-7 season record and an eye-catching 12-2 record in the Ivy League, earning their spot at the Ancient Eight title where four of Vanderbilt’s players earned the All-Ivy Selections and even earned their first National ranking topping out at No. 21.

Hufnagel started his journey at Vanderbilt in May of 2013, but his success started before his arrival at Tennesse, spending 4 years at Harvard. During those four years, he spent as Crimson’s recruiting coordinator he helped lead his team to four 20 game win seasons along with Ivy League championships for the last three years in Harvard. Hufnagel really focused on his part of the team that not too many people really take into consideration dealing with perimeter player development and scouting his opponents.

All of Hufnagel’s success continued after his move to Vanderbilt, a team that hadn’t really had all of their pieces to their staff. That is until Hufnagel came into the picture in 2013. Now he is considered one of the best assistant coaches that the NCAA basketball program has ever seen and say he is 1 of 9 of Harvard’s “Dream Team” assistant coaches. Hufnagel’s success doesn’t just show with his season records, but also with players he has developed that are in the NBA with a successful NBA career. One of them is the well-known player Blake Griffin.

Many people are born with amazing gifts and abilities and Hufnagel’s ability to do everything that he does with such precisions is just a born ability that he has perfected. Hufnagel is definitely one of the most interesting assistant coaches and a model for any up-and-coming coaches to come.