George Soros Praises Ukraine’s Reform Agenda

George Soros posits that Putin has the ambition of creating a Russian empire. He continues to say that this ambition has unintentionally assisted in creating a new Ukraine that is against Russia. The new Ukraine seeks to put an end to the ineffective government and prevalent corruption. George argues that the new Ukraine is under the leadership of the cream of civil society. On returning home from abroad, most young people refused to take up government jobs or businesses. This is because they found them repugnant. Most of these young Ukrainians opted to join academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and think tanks.

According to George, the young people are ready to put their lives on the line (Maidan) in order to have a better future. Most Ukrainians are determined to focus on the future without replicating mistakes committed in the past. These mistakes include infighting that weakened the Orange Revolution. George Soros argues that a civil society that is politically engaged will ensure that there is no return of the old Ukraine. He continues to say that if the politicians are engaged in corruption and squabbling that caused the downfall of the old Ukraine, activists would have no choice but to return to the Maidan.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Many reformists support the new Ukrainian government. These reformists are advocating a reform program that is expected to have a huge impact. The program aims to deal with corruption by weakening bureaucracy. George states that the program seeks to have better remuneration for the civil servants and breaking up Naftogaz. This gas monopoly has been the major source of corruption as well as budget deficits in the old Ukraine. George contends that much needs to be done considering that kleptocrats and oligarchs from the old Ukraine control the judiciary and civil service. They also dominate the private sector. George argues that the reformists have an uphill task as they have to defeat the deep-seated bureaucracy created by the oligarchs.

George posits that Ukraine has to deal with the challenges of entrenched bureaucracy that has been enhanced by business oligarchs. The reformers are not only dealing with the oligarchs but also the hostility of President Vladmir Putin. Putin’s agenda is to destabilize Ukraine. However, the country has been experiencing difficulties in implementing its reform agendas. George asserts that Putin knows that if he does not destroy Ukraine in the shortest time possible, he will have dented his popularity in Russia. Russia is feeling the effects of the deepening financial crisis. If Ukraine establishes itself, Putin will be under immense pressure to pursue Ukraine’s reform agenda. To this end, The Russian president has been increasing financial and military pressure on the new Ukraine. George contends that Ukraine may defend itself against Russia but it needs immediate financial assistance in order to guarantee the growth of its economy.

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