Doe Deere’s Tips For Success

By no means is the founder and owner of Lime Crime makeup a conventional business owner. Doe Deere has bright colored purple, pink or blue hair and beautiful makeup that makes her resemble an adorable doll. She has an affinity for art and loves to take photos. She makes fashion and loves to do new makeup looks. So what exactly is Doe Deere’s secret to success despite not being in the “mold” of a traditional business owner?

Doe Deere credits her ambition being the cause behind her success. She has always been an ambitious person, since her early years in Russia and in New York. Her reason for moving to New York was to become a musician. She lived in New York from 1998 to 2012.

During her time in New York as a musician, she learned how to promote music and music shows. Doe Deere stated that this struggle to push her music out there with her band proved to be helpful later when she was starting her makeup company. She also cites that when she was thirteen she would sell temporary tattoos, which helped her learn about business as well.

Doe Deere’s advice to young women with goals to become business women or with ambition is to follow your dreams. She says she believes everyone has something special about them, so if you are aware of what is special about yourself and if you dedicate yourself to your goals nothing can stop you from achieving your goals for yourself.

Another reason for why Doe Deere believes she has had success as a makeup business woman is because she noticed that there weren’t very many colorful makeup products on the market. During 2008 -the year Doe Deere really started getting Lime Crime on a roll- there were only beige lip glosses. Doe Deere did not like this, and chose to create different colored lip colors to sell. This decision proved to be a good idea. Many other people felt the same way as Doe Deere, that plain beige lip glosses were boring. They also wanted more lip color variety in their lives. The fans of Lime Crime made the company take off like wild fire.

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