Doug Levitt: Revealing the Plight of Poverty Stricken Societies

The U.S. entertainment industry has been making a personal journey into poverty for several years now as musicians have always been seeking out ways to offer news to those who are struggling in the society to the people of the nation. Doug Levitt who is known for the “Greyhound Diaries” a multimedia artistic project, is a follower of this tradition along with other exploration of the U.S. poverty in music, a novel as well as photographic form. Through his work Levitt, all these artistic performances are brought to light by combining storytelling in several creative ways such as photographic, storytelling through songs and personal experiences that are projected throughout performances he gives around the world.



Doug Levitt is fortunate enough since his childhood because his family background enabled him to have an opportunity to benefit from the high-quality education, for instance at Cornell University this was because his mother has become a member of the Washington D.C. council he studied several unique areas in his education life this was prior to settling to career in journalism. After becoming attached to CNN as a journalist and moving to London, he gained interest in an artistic career. Later on, he ventured into the artistic career.



According to Levitt growing up in Washington D.C., was a hindrance to him understanding the lower income society on the globe, this fact is illustrated by the fact that they the City of the United State is described as being a recession-proof. Living and working in London, resulted to Levitt to alter his focus in life towards music and determining the lives of those who are struggling within the society. The journey that he took across the U.S, would form the background of his “Greyhound Diaries” the project that he with to this day.



Doug Levitt has utilized most of his time from 2004 looking into areas of the U.S. even most people do not know that he exist. He is of the opinion that the media mostly focus on the large metropolitan areas while the life realities are outside of these large cities. He is dedicated and committed to his work of letting the world know about the life of the poverty-ridden societies, he is doing this through “Greyhound Diaries” project.

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