George Soros on Tackling Debt Crisis

George Soros is a Hungarian-American investor, business magnate, philanthropist, author, and a political activist. Soros is always concerned with the economic status of other nations as an international investor. He gives his thoughts on what policies should be employed to create booming economies. Soros has always given his contributions to the economy of the US, Russia, Africa, among others. Soros has acquired a lot of knowledge on debt crisis for the many years that he has been in the investment field. He shares this with other nations. Soros gave his insights regarding debt relief in Ukraine and the EU. George Soros had an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz. Their discussion was based on the policies that the EU and Ukraine should apply to get out of their current crisis.

George Soros Ukraine was asked whether the worst is over in regards to the euro. He said that the euro is here to stay.  He says that Chancellor Angel Merkel is okay with the manner she handled the crisis and that the German public feels the same. The increased majority elected her back to power. Soros says that Merkel always does the absolute minimum necessary in the preservation of the euro. This is what has earned her the allegiance of two pro-Europeans and those who believe in her to guard the national interests of Germany. Source:

George Soros says that the arrangements that came up in response to the EU crisis have become recognized as the new orders that govern the Eurozone. He states that the Russian invasion of Crimea should be a wake-up call and that it is not only Germany that is in a position to alter the prevailing order. No debtor nation can challenge it. The nation that tries to do so will be punished by the European authorities and the Financial markets. Soros says that he is happy that Germany no longer pushes the debtor nations underwater. They can “get some little oxygen” and are starting to breathe. This has given the financial markets a lift since the economies are going down and that this brings a rebound automatically.

George Soros says that the prospect of a long-term stagnation is still there. He adds that the Eurozone is being threatened by deflation although the opposition for the constitutional court of Germany and its legal departments will ensure the ECB (European Central Bank) does not successfully overcome the deflationary pressures. This has been done by other banks such as the Federal Reserve.

He says that Ukraine and Crimea are a significant interest to Russia. He says that Putin misjudged the situation woefully and that he did not have problems in outmaneuvering the European Union in the last autumn. Soros says that this was hamstrung by the internal politics of the country and the financial problems. He says that Putin should offer a better deal to Yanukovych who is the president of Ukrainian.

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