Malcolm Casselle- A Good Mix Of Gaming And Cryptocurrency

The global leader for sales in virtual assets of video games is a company called OPSkins. The CIO and founder is Malcolm Casselle. The company is also the top merchant for bitcoin around the whole world. The creators of the company are looking to launch a new type of blockchain platform for virtual asset trades. They will call this platform WAX. The name stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. It will specialize as a P2P marketplace where people can come and trade virtual assets for in-game play. Buyers and sellers will be able to trade their assets with one another. The purpose of this platform is to help fight fraud and fragmentation. Both are major issues game players face when dealing with virtual asset markets.

Who Is Malcolm Casselle?

Like stated earlier, Malcolm Casselle is the current president of the new platform WAX and the CIO of the company OPSkins. Before his newest positions, he was the president and CTO of Tronc. He was in charge of overseeing the ins and outs of the business where digital assets were leveraged against rapid growing properties. Malcolm has led many small startups within the digital industry. One well-known startup was MediaPass. They are a top digital subscription program offered to big media corporations.

Malcolm Casselle has also been a huge investor of companies such as Zynga, Facebook and different major blockchain verticals. When his career was first starting out, he was the co-founder of a publicly traded telecom company known as PCCW. The company was based out of Hong Kong and now has a value of more than $36 billion. He has also successfully raised billions for the company’s public offering and millions for their private offerings.

In 2012, Casselle was named the CEO of Xfire, a social network for video game players around the world. In 2014, the company was bought by SeaChange International and Casselle began to serve as the Senior Vice President and the General Manager for the Digital Media sector of the company.

Malcolm Casselle’s Educational Background

He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from both Stanford University and MIT for Computer Science. He is also fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese.