New Chairman Of The Capital Group Extends His 30 Year Career

The Capital Group has been one of the top U.S. based financial specialists for more than 80 years and is driven by its commitment to its more that 7,000 analysts working across many different financial sectors. The rise of Timothy Armour through the group from being a part of the Associates Program at the company to a position as an analyst with the company and finally as the Chairman of the Capital Group; Armour followed the succession plan of Chairman Jim Rothenberg whose plan led to the election of Armour as the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of the Capital Group in July 2015.

Timothy Armour has been on a long journey to the position of Chairman at the Capital Group that began with the completion of his bachelors degree in economics from Middlebury College; the first career move Armour took was to join Capital’s Associates Program and begin his time at the company that has left him steeped in the history and tradition of the company. More than 30 years ago Tim Armour took his first career steps that led to him becoming an analyst specializing in U.S. service companies and global telecommunications, which was then in its infancy; despite rising to the position of Chairman of the Capital Group Timothy Armour still works as an analyst bringing his skills to the company he now leads.


The work Tim Armour has completed in finding investments in the global telecommunications industry has given him a solid grounding in the global financial markets that were struck by a major selloff in September 2015. Although many experts simply looked to blame the Chinese economy for the market selloff of 2015 Timothy Armour believes the problems lie much deeper in the issues seen across the world.

In the U.S. Tim Armour believes a rise in interest rates would halt the return to risky investments he has spotted over recent years as almost zero level interest rates have given analysts a confidence Armour believes has given rise to the problems seen in recent years. When both China and the U.S. were driving the global economy the zero interest rates were seen as a good thing by Armour, but he feels a change in U.S. policy would benefit the global markets and help developing nations find a solid foundation for the future.

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