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Reputation management is an essential aspect of running or managing an organization. In today’s business environment, it is highly recommended that you take proactive steps by enlisting the services of a firm like Fix Search Results, to ensure a great image about their organization.


Positive reviews are what every business person should aim for, and it is imperative to get as many as possible. The more favorable reviews you get, the more clients or customer you acquire and the more revenue you can generate for your organization. Fix Search Results can help show you the right way to handle this, and remove bad search results.


Some business owners and entrepreneurs utilize a variety of approaches to address issues that affect their reputation. They might join discussions, for instance addressing tweets making a complaint about a company with comments that they had only good experiences to report.


There are a lot of opinions and views about online reputation monitoring and management, and what steps you can take to protect your brand image. Some people think that social media monitoring is all you need, while others believe you have to employ public relations approach to maintain a great reputation online, and still others literally do not have a clue when it comes to the impact it can have on business and sales. If you are not familiar with proven ways to protect your company’s reputation online, it is imperative that you consult with a reliable reputation management firm like Fix Search Results.


There are many companies out there offering a vast range of reputation management solutions and brand protection services, but you need to be sure you are dealing with a company that has an established history of delivering on their promise.


Fix Search Results is a renowned firm and has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Their professionals have access to top quality resources and have the skills to address a variety of reputation issues and attacks. They can help you repair your reputation, protect your image from getting tarnished, and build a good online reputation for your organization.

Don’t Let Your Business Fall Between Your Fingers!


One thing that people tend to overlook is how strong the internet really is. There are so many people constantly looking for things, or being influenced by things, that it all becomes a sort of lul and trend. How your business is hooked up to that trend can determine how many customers of a new type that you’ll have doing business with you — the online crowd. There are millions and millions of people who use the internet every day — tens of thousands of them local to you. Advertising to them — (or just being in their general field of view), is incredibly important.


While some businesses have an easy time advertising to those who are just passing by, (i.e. truck stops, gas stations, etc), smaller businesses especially, (or those who are more odd ball or specific), have a very difficult time doing this. They could pay a company to help rank them up on popular search engines like Google, (which is used by more people in the world than almost anything), and not have to go through all of the trouble and experimentation. That’s exactly why companies like Fix Search Results exists and specializes in online reputation management.


Online reputation management is key in the early 21st century when it comes to keeping your business stable. A lot of things can happen or change very quickly, so it’s important to stay progressive and always have the edge. Reputation management consultants can do a lot more for you than just help you fix your ranking on search engines or highlight the positive sides of your business. They can help you shape everything overall, as well as increase both your sales potential and happiness potential in your place of work.

Malini Saba: A Bit Of Background

Who exactly is Malini Saba? We’re so glad you asked. According to some sources, Malini Saba is one of the top female philanthropists and investors in the world today. She is also the founder and the chairman of the Saban company.


Saban is a business that has various international investment interests in U.S. technology companies, Chinese gas and oil companies and in real estate properties in India and Australia. Where did it all begin for Saba? As is the case with many others, it began with an education.


Perhaps her internationally-flavored background contributed something as well. Malini Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She grew up in Australia under the watchful eyes of her Sri Lankan parents.


Saba moved to the U.S. at the age of 19. She and her former husband lived in a small apartment near the Stanford University Campus in Stanford, California while the pair pursued their intellectual interests. She went to many lectures for free because she was married to a Stanford student.


Whenever any investment bankers were at a nearby social event, she would find some way to crash the party to meet, listen to and speak with them. It was then that she actually began making her first investments. Based on the sage advice of the numerous visiting experts, she invested money in such things as real estate, telecommunications and commodities.


Saba’s actual career as an investor started sometime in the 1990s when she became an official “Silicon Valley venture capitalist”. Today she has literally years of experience in investing in almost two dozen technology companies such as PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies, Inc. and Sycamore Networks, Inc. She has some charitable interests as well.


She founded the non-profit organization named Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2001. The goal of this charity was to alter the way that at-risk and/or low income women and children across the globe view themselves and their place in the world. The organization also offers women the opportunity to get healthcare and legal assistance.


Three years later, Saba reportedly pledged $10 million dollars to help the residents of the tsunami-ravaged sections of Sri Lanka and India. The following year she gave $1 million to create the first heart research center for South Asians which today is located at the El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. Malini Saba continues to enjoy a successful track record of investments today.


Health Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan

Most people with Medicare medical plan acquire their health cover from Original Medicare while other people acquire their health benefits from Medicare Advantage Plan known as Medicare Private Health Plan, which is in close collaboration with the federal government. Medicare provides health care coverage plans for a fee. Here are some types of Medicare Advantage Plan:
* Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
* Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
* Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS)
* Special Needs Plans (SNPs)
* Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSOs)
* Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSAs)

If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you still have Medicare. Each Medicare Advantage Plan provides parts A and B services which refer to premium payment made through different rules, restrictions and costs. The three items affect the package of medical care provided including when patients can receive medical care. Although various types of plans have different rules for when and how treatment is administered, some programs may be similar, but since different companies offer them, the rules may differ on bloomberg. It is essential for the client always to check directly with a plan to ensure the coverage plan is affordable.

In addition to the initial premium fee from Medicare Advantage Plans, you can get a Medicare Part B Premium according to Penelope Kokkinides. Medicare charges a fixed fee called copayment meaning clients are responsible for the treatment they receive. Some Medicare plans charge coinsurance, a percentage of the total costs of services for specific or all services. Here is how to join Medicare Advantage Plan:
* Patients must acquire parts A and B of Medicare Plan
* Patients must reside in the planÕs geographical service area
* Patients must not have End-Stage Renal Diseases (ESRD) involving kidney transplant or dialysis.

Medicare and Drugs
Part D of the Medicare Advantage Plan provides drug coverage as part of its package. For patients who join MSA, a PFFS without drug coverage or a Cost Plan, there is an available stand-alone Part D drug plan. Medicare Advantage Plan of InnovaCare Health automatically enrolls employees who have a union health cover. It offers the employee reduced alternatives ranging from Original Medicare to affordable Medicare plans in case employees’ health care benefits are not available.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is located in North America, and it is a leading health provider with two core avenues of care namely:
* Provider Networks
* Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs

InnovaCare Health is committed to providing quality health care by implementing sustainable, cost-effective and integrated models with advanced technologies. Dr. Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Inc. Even after the sale in 2012, Dr. Shinto still acts as the chief executive officer in Puerto Rico.

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David Osio’s Incredible Charity Work

David J. Osio is a financial wizard who does understand the benefits of aiding other people. Osio’s support to those in need goes beyond his primary financial duties. He also gives back in the form of philanthropy. The causes in which he supports are numerous. Osio’s tireless work benefits scores of charities and ventures.

One area in which Osio likes to help is by funding medical research. The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, in particular, is a medical entity that Osio supports. Orthopedic medicine focuses on issues related to musculoskeletal disorders. Through donations, research into better treatment and care can be performed. Even a small amount of donations helps. Osio does his best to make sure a generous amount is directed towards the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation.

Osio has also done his part to keep the costly Miami Symphony Orchestra in good financial condition. Osio has done a lot to help the arts. Previously, he maintained a seat on the board of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. Currently, Osio maintains a commitment to annual financial support to the MSO. The MSO does need money to cover scores of expenses. Osio’s support cuts down at lease a part of those expenses.

Osio’s philanthropic giving has done a lot for local communities as well. Funding the Miami Symphony Orchestra, for example, has a positive effect on the south Florida city. The continual existence of the MOS adds cultural benefits to the region. Such benefits would decline in the orchestra faded from the scene. Osio’s hard work contributes to the ability to keep the long-standing tradition of seeing the orchestra alive.

The idea that David Osio would be so magnificently successful with this endeavors comes as no surprise to those who have had professional dealings with him. Osio runs the Davos Financial Group and serves as its CEO. In his role as CEO, he has made the company profitable enough to back serious charitable ventures and also to make the necessary connection to further expand the giving.

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Save Big When Shopping In The New Fabletics Stores

Fabletics saw that there was a market for activewear, even though many other companies have come to fill that need. What makes Fabletics different than the other activewear stores are their prices as well as their unique styles of clothing. Those who shop at Fabletics over other activewear companies will do so because they are getting clothing at a great savings, and even men are finding clothing that they would pay a lot more for elsewhere at the Fabletics website. Now, those who were so excited about shopping on the Fabletics website can now be excited about shopping in the several stores that have been opened by Fabletics.

With a picture of Kate Hudson on the wall as well as tons of activewear all over the store, the Fabletics stores are being opened to the public to allow anyone who needs activewear to make their purchases in-store as opposed to online. Although the online store is very much still being promoted, those who have a preference to shop within a store can still benefit from Fabletics, especially since membership is sold within the store as well. Some may fear not being able to get the same low prices and membership benefits in the store, but it’s the same as in Fabletics online store.

Fabletics’ online store has clothing that switches up from time to time, giving a unique selection to the buyers. Those who want to shop for the clothing can feel free to do so, but getting a membership is always encouraged because of the savings that a member will get. Membership entitles a member to a savings of up to 50% and sometimes even more. Those who are members can also earn rewards, and the money paid towards the membership fee is the members’ money to spend within the store on Facebook.

Those who are skeptical about getting a membership to any type of store should know that Fabletics allows cancellation at any time with no obligation to stay if the buyer chooses not to. When the member is ready to start shopping again, they can take their membership off hold to use whatever funds are within their account to make purchases online or within a store. Fabletics has great activewear that can be purchased by men and women, so they’re an excellent choice for those who need good-looking activewear at

Seattle Genetics – The Future of Our Health Generation

On July 26th, 2016 Seattle Genetics’ had the second quarter 2016 conference call. The conference call included the following: Clay Siegall, Todd Simpson, Eric Dobmeier, Jonathan Drachman, and Darren Cline. All whom play an important role in the establishment and the success of Seattle Genetics.

The conference call discussed the company Adcetris which is a multi-product oncology company. During the second quarter, Adcetris recorded record sales and are on their way to reaching phase three which includes the transformation of CD30-expressing lymphomas and how they are treated. The trials have resulted in positive results in antitumor activity including ASG-15ME and the ASG-22ME for urothelial cancer as well as SGN-LIV1A for breast cancer. At the conclusion of the conference call, Clay B. Siegall declared they are looking towards a brighter future in the upcoming years and plan on continuing with trials and testing.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

The CEO Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that focuses on the genetic transformations of cancer and tumor causing genes. Seattle Genetics is the founder in antibody-drug conjugates which is an antibody designed specifically to go after cancer cells in the body and destroy them.

Seattle Genetics has created something similar to a three step solution to their goal. The first step was to become the first in a New Class of ADCs, which they have accomplished in recent years. The next step, known as SGN-CD33A: Pivotal Phase 3 Program is focused on leukemia and the unmet need for patients. And the final phase is to use their internal research and development, collaborations and scientific innovation to improve treatment outcome for patients.

FreedomPop Succeeds Thanks To Great Service At Affordable Rates

FreedomPop specifically targeted those consumers who are looking for a great way to save money. Considering the basic FreedomPop plan is a completely free one, there is no greater way to save money. What is better than “100% free?” And yes, 200 phone, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data delivered totally free via a reliable SIM card and connection has a lot more appeal than paying $29.95 per month for a competitor’s “budget” service.

Budget issues are not the only source of concern for many. Not everyone even needs to use their phone that much. To pay for amounts that are not being used doesn’t exactly make much fiscal sense. A solid deal like the one offered by FreedomPop is perfect for those with limited needs.

Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum. Subscribers may have a need for a significant amount of minutes, data, and text. Busy professional with active social lives probably want a lot more usage and coverage. They just might not have the budget for a costly plan. No one needs to worry here since FreedomPop has released a brilliant new plan, one that should accommodate all those looking for a less-costly and more expansive option: total unlimited service for $19.99.

Another option FreedomPop is making available is the new $5 Wi-Fi hotspot program. The way this works is subscribers are able to log onto FreedomPop service from an established hotspot.

FreedomPop already launched a hotspot strategy overseas and it is doing remarkably well. The hotspot plan could effectively set the stage for the standard mobile service being released to the public. In time, scores of countries will have access to FreedomPop. Right now, the U.S. and the U.K. are the two main regions with Spain looming as next on the list.

The fantastic cost-saving benefits of FreedomPop – combined with the reliable service – is allowing this relatively new startup succeed in all the territories it enters. Such success is definitely deserved since the company put so much effort into producing a product people want and at affordable costs and at no cost. Long may FreedomPop reign.

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Tarallucci e Vino a Private NYC Event Space For All of Your Needs.

Planning a private event in New York City can be a high stress process after all New Yorkers can be difficult to impress. Picking a great event space that also offers great food and service can take much of that stress away. Many people choose to book an event space were you can bring your own caterer in for the event. However this can often lead to poor service as the caterer can often be unfamialr with the space and kitchen area. Choosing an event space that has a restaurant in place with help ensure that your guests have a wonderful evening and allow you to sit back and relax.
If you a looking for the ultimate intimate private space then look no further than the West Villages Spotted Pig. The 3rd floor private room is perfect for small parties. Spotted Pig is well known for their food so your guests will easily be impressed. Be sure to make sure the French fries are on the menu as they are said to be some of the best in NYC.
If you are looking to hold a daytime lunch event then Babbo is a great option. It is not easy to get your hands on a reservation at Mario Batali’s most famous restaurant so your guests will surely be impressed when you invite them to lunch in the private room. In addition to the gourmet food Batali’s private space offers a fun and laid back atmosphere perfect for a bridal show or business lunch.

In addition Tarallucci e Vino offers two separate event spaces. The first space is a more intimate space that can accommodate between 30 and 80 people depending on whether you are hosting a sit down dinner or cocktail party. The Mezzanine has a private bar as well as a lounge area for your guests to relax in while dinner is being prepared.
The second event space is an elegant loft on the 6th floor that can be transformed to meet any of your entertaining needs. The space can accommodate between 50 and 120 guests depending on the type of event. The Loft also offers guests a private bar and lounge area as well as seating at custom built tables lit by beautiful chandeliers.
Whether you choose The Loft or the Mezzanine for your private event, Chef Riccardo Bilotta will offer up a dinner menu guaranteed to make your event one to remember. There are many options to choose from including a wide array of passed Hors D’Oeuvres, buffet stations or a traditional sit down menu.
Tarallucci e Vino is great for corporate events such as team building where you can use its onsite media capabilities or Holiday parties as it can also accommodate dancing for up to 120 people.

How To Protect Your Own Name Online

Do you want to have a good chance at landing a top notch high paying job? Do you have a career of being in the public eye and you want to stay away from bad press? The moment a mistake in your life appears, it can highly affect your life in a negative way. Bad press can ruin your entire future. It’s vital to be more careful with what you do online and also what you monitor. The best thing to do is to work collectively with somebody like Darius Fisher who can work towards improving your brand efficiently.

How To Protect Your Own Name Online

You start off by being wise with what you do online. For example, don’t go out there and just type everything out on your social media channels. Private information or photos that you would not like to be leaked should never be uploaded to the Internet. To stay on the safe side, make sure to also work towards going through Google to read what people are saying about you.

Darius Fisher is a marketing expert with Status Labs who has worked with people from all aspects of business and branding. With a focus on reputation management, they utilize public relations and a huge plethora of marketing strategies to help with the marketing of anybody.

Protecting your name is so much easier when working with somebody like Darius because he can form of a specific program that protects your company. There are tons of people who just love the power and the beauty behind the world of social media, but it can come right back to bite you if you aren’t careful.  He knew that it was going to take work and proper marketing to get his name out of bad publicity. You can easily protect your business working with someone like Darius.