Kim Dao Enjoys Organic Food in Tokyo

Kim Dao enjoys the day shopping for organic food to prepare a meal while in Tokyo in this video. The video opens with Kim Dao heading out to Harajuku Station. Before she begins shopping for food, Kim Dao starts the day off by locating the office of the tour guides who will be with her on this trip. Kim Dao and her tour guides head out in a van that helps them to navigate the city. Kim Dao lets her viewers know that there is a translator who comes on the tour as well, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to speak Japanese. The first stop on the tour involves harvesting vegetables in the garden with a knowledgeable gardener. All of the vegetables in the farm are organic, which makes the food taste even better. Kim Dao samples some of the freshly cut vegetables and the difference in taste is something that you can note from her reaction instantly. Soon they begin slicing the vegetables and preparing them to be cooked. The meal looks absolutely delicious once it’s complete. Kim Dao takes her first bite of the tempura and you can hear the crispy goodness in each bite.

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Hussain Sajwani Works Well With Trump

Hussain Sajwani has done a lot of good for the family of the current president. Hussain has done a lot in order to help Donald Trump who he has a really good relationship with. Hussain has a relationship with Trump that extends all the way to other members of the family. For one thing, his wife is also friends with Ivanka Trump. While the friendship is genuine, it is also good for Hussain’s business. After all, connections is what is important for the success of anyone in any circumstance. Hussain has shown that he has great social skills and a good heart to go with it.


Hussain is a luxury real estate developer who runs a company called DAMAC. He is also a billionaire in Dubai. This shows that he not only knows how to manage his finances, but also knows how to come up with creative solutions that will inspire people to take part in different projects. His company. DAMAC handles luxury properties. They are responsible in developing and promoting properties that people could reside in and use for commercial reasons. Hussain puts a lot of creativity in the property that he builds. For one thing, he wants people to have more than a dwelling place.


One thing that Hussain does is make sure that people get the most that they can out of the property that he has built. Among the things he makes sure that people get is a good view so that they can feel better about the property they have chosen. Hussain is someone who also enjoys bringing a lot of variety to people so that they will be able to choose something that they will enjoy as opposed to having to settle for what they can get. The creativity and the dedication that goes into these projects takes them far beyond projects done by other companies.

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MB2 Dental For Good Dental Care or Emplyment

MB2 Dental should be your number one choice for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one of the main reasons why they should be considered your primary choice of dental care is that the organization exists to simply provide people with the care they need in the conditions of their teeth so that they can live good qualities of life. Learn more about more MB2 Dental:

According to White Pages, MB2 Dental understands that the quality of one’s teeth has major roles in their overall life’s quality. Unfortunately, many people aren’t necessarily aware of what the benefits are when it comes to maintaining their teeth. Maintaining your teeth is recommended by any and all dentists. When your teeth go bad, bacteria can form and as a result possibly make you sick. If you do not become sick at that very point in time, it is very possible that you could become sick at a later time because you neglected the conditions and health of your teeth.

By contacting MB2 Dental, you may set up a schedule in which you can go in and have your teeth check so that the dentist(s) can provide you with recommendations in pertinence to what you should have done on your teeth to achieve optimal levels of quality in health care.

If you’re looking for a way to live a life that is full of joy and quality, then please don’t neglect your necessities of obtaining the best types of dental care that you could attain. MB2 Dental performs a myriad of dental care tasks, from fillings, to extractions, to cleansing, whitening, and much more. Neglecting these aspects of proper health in the conditions in one’s teeth will certainly have detrimental effects on the conditions of one’s teeth.

If you are looking for employment opportunities at MB2 Dental, then you may be the type that truly enjoys seeing people smile. One way to obviously achieve such from people is by ensuring that they are healthy. This is why they need people like you to work for them. Contacting MB2 Dental can set you up for a job as long as you qualify. Feel free to apply today.

Doug Levitt: Revealing the Plight of Poverty Stricken Societies

The U.S. entertainment industry has been making a personal journey into poverty for several years now as musicians have always been seeking out ways to offer news to those who are struggling in the society to the people of the nation. Doug Levitt who is known for the “Greyhound Diaries” a multimedia artistic project, is a follower of this tradition along with other exploration of the U.S. poverty in music, a novel as well as photographic form. Through his work Levitt, all these artistic performances are brought to light by combining storytelling in several creative ways such as photographic, storytelling through songs and personal experiences that are projected throughout performances he gives around the world.



Doug Levitt is fortunate enough since his childhood because his family background enabled him to have an opportunity to benefit from the high-quality education, for instance at Cornell University this was because his mother has become a member of the Washington D.C. council he studied several unique areas in his education life this was prior to settling to career in journalism. After becoming attached to CNN as a journalist and moving to London, he gained interest in an artistic career. Later on, he ventured into the artistic career.



According to Levitt growing up in Washington D.C., was a hindrance to him understanding the lower income society on the globe, this fact is illustrated by the fact that they the City of the United State is described as being a recession-proof. Living and working in London, resulted to Levitt to alter his focus in life towards music and determining the lives of those who are struggling within the society. The journey that he took across the U.S, would form the background of his “Greyhound Diaries” the project that he with to this day.



Doug Levitt has utilized most of his time from 2004 looking into areas of the U.S. even most people do not know that he exist. He is of the opinion that the media mostly focus on the large metropolitan areas while the life realities are outside of these large cities. He is dedicated and committed to his work of letting the world know about the life of the poverty-ridden societies, he is doing this through “Greyhound Diaries” project.

Thor Halvorssen Announces Speakers for Oslo Freedom Forum

Thor Halverson, the founder of Human Rights Foundation, has recently announced the exciting lineup for his Oslo Freedom Forum. This excellent event is held regularly to allow those fighting for human rights to network together. While Thor organizes the event, he would rather sit on the sidelines and let others share their experiences.

Opening the forum will be Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg. Thor Halverson will deliver the keynote address on May 13, 2017. Erna has long been an advocate for changes in laws around the world so that everyone has more rights. Her courageous leadership has created a climate of change in Norway..

Evan Mawarire, leader of the Flag Movement in Zimbabwe, is scheduled to speak at the event, but he was arrested earlier in February. He had left the country after leading protests against President Robert Mugabe’s government. The government has charged him with subverting a constitutionally elected government after he took to social media to call for an improvement in human rights in his native country.

Pakistani squash player Maria Toorpakai Wazir will also be speaking at the event. He has played a crucial role in helping create a call for new gender roles in her own country. The Taliban forced her to go into hiding, but now she runs the Maria Toorpakai Foundation speaking out about conditions in Pakistan.

Pulitzer-Prize winning author Anne Applebaum will be speaking about her experiences as a Polish-American journalist covering the creation of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe.

Burmese lawyer Wai Wai Nu will be sharing about her experience as fighting for the religious freedom for Rohingya Muslims. She will also be sharing what it takes to run a non-governmental organization as she is the leader of the Women’s Peace Network.

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Positive Reviews Fueling Copa Star Success

For years, Brazil has longed for excellent medical care on and has struggled to find a provider that fits the lofty standard of its populace. However there’s good news about the Copa Star and the reviews it has been getting lately.

This news could transform the world of Brazilian healthcare and make it easier for people across the country to not only understand where to get the best healthcare on, but why Copa Star continues to receive such rave reviews.

What’s The Good News?
The good news for Brazilian’s trying to achieve the best healthcare in the world is that the Hospital Copa Star continues to receive rave reviews. It gets four and five-star reviews not only from its customers, but from healthcare provider inspection groups.

Its reputation is growing beyond the borders of Brazil and transforming it into one of the best regarded and most unique medical experiences in the world generally and Brazil specifically.

What Is Copa Star?
Hospital Copa Star is a Brazilian hospital that offers comfort that can be truly compared to a five-star hotel. It is in a great location, has incredible architecture, decorative decorations, and a well-trained staff that include professionals that are in the top-tier of Brazilian medicine.

The technology upgrades here are among the best in the country and make it one of the most reliable and worthwhile sources of quality health-care in the country.

What Are The Accommodations Of The Copa Star?
Few buildings in the country, not just medical facilities, are as technologically advanced and modern as the Copa Star. It has a 10,000 meter square construction that consists of five roomy and comfortable floors. Among these floors are 150 relaxing beds in friendly and healing surroundings.

There are also a total of 45 ICU units, nine operating, rooms, and a fully diagnostic center. Everything has been tested to ensure that it remains among the top medical facilities in the country and in the world. All of these benefits have made it continually popular.

What Are The Reviews Saying?
While the many online reviews for Hospital Copa Star have praised it for it for many reasons, the most common among these include the high technology, the friendly staff, and the high-quality comfort and service provided. Many of emphasized that the comfort isn’t just a mask to cover up faulty care: they praise the way their sicknesses were diagnosed and managed.

What Do Good Reviews Mean For This Business?
Continued positive reviews like this could cause an increase in business that would help offset the $150 million investment that was put into the business. Hospitals aren’t inexpensive to make or run, particularly ones of this high quality. As a result, these positive reviews could help it continue its positive trend towards success.

And if so, that’s great news for Brazil. This is a country that truly needs this kind of high-quality and high-comfort healthcare facility right now. Positive reviews driving up its business would help fuel continual success and positive changes to the world around it.

Omar Boraie Gives Back To Rutgers

Omar Boraie has endowed a chair in medical research at Rutgers University, and he is remaining involved in the city as it grows around the college. This article explains how Omar is helping New Brunswick become a place the people of New Jersey may come for healthcare, and it will show how he is giving back to a school that does so much for the community. He wants to see New Brunswick remain a global healthcare magnet as reported by Newswise, and endowing a chair at Rutgets helps improve research at the school.

#1: Giving $1.5 Million To Rutgers

The chair of genomics research is a chair that will bring in some of the finest scientists in the world to apply, and they will have people applying for the position who wish to work in a world-class facility. Someone who is looking at new places to complete their research will be more likely to choose Rutgers, and seeing the commitment of the community to the school helps them sell their brand to other academics.

#2: Omar Helps Develop The Community

Omar and his development company has spent quite a lot of money making New Brunswick into a better place to live and work. They have found places in the city that may be changed for the better, and they work out arrangements that will grow the city around the university. Anyone who wishes to have a better college or community experience will find New Brunswick to be a beautiful place to live. Visit to view his profile.

#3: Omar Helps Build New Jersey

The work that Omar’s firm does helps develop in many parts of New Jersey, and someone who wishes to see the state improve will quite enjoy the way he reaches out to cities to help them build. He knows that he may build something beautiful in the place of something old, and he will continue to work on ways to help each city in New Jersey that wishes to grow.

Omar Boraie, his son Sam Boraie and family are committed in every way to New Jersey, and he is helping Rutgers by endowing a new chair in medicine that will make the college a better place to learn and study. Anyone who wishes to complete research in genomics may come to Rutgers knowing the facility is brilliant, and they will find the city around it has been built up by the people who have put the most heart and soul into the community.

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Adam Milstein is a Globally Respected Pro-Israel Advocate and Investor in the Real Estate Sector

Adam Milstein is an Israeli citizen. He is an activist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In a one-on-one interview with Ideamensch, Milstein talks about his experience as a real estate investor, activist, and philanthropy. He has served in the real estate business for over three decades.

Milstein enjoys his works in philanthropy and finds them more satisfying. As an investor, he prefers to work on new ideas himself so as to achieve the desired objectives. Milstein is persistent and consistent when it comes to executing his duties. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Milstein strives to set achievable goals and works hard to make his ideas a reality. Milstein is strong-willed and pays less attention to criticism. He is always encouraging people to take risks and believe in themselves. Additionally, he urges people to take chances and not be scared to fail since failing is part of life. Milstein is a family guy and prefers to spend time with his wife and children.

Adam Milstein’s educational background and career

Milstein studied at Technion- Israel Institute of Technology and graduated in 1978. In 1981, he and his family moved to the United States. Milstein enrolled in a master’s program at University of California, LA and graduated two years later.

He is the current top executive officer at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein began his career in 1983 as a real estate investor in South California. He rose above ranks from a sales agent to a managing partner of the company. Before venturing into the real estate business, he had served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a soldier during the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

Adam’s philanthropic activities

Having succeeded in the real estate business, he decided to establish various organizations to give back to the community. In 2000, he created Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, an organization aimed at strengthening the relationship between Israel and United States.

This organization also serves to enlighten young people about Jewish beliefs and culture. Milstein established Sifriyat Pijama B’America and Israeli-American Council. Up to date, Milstein continues to strengthen the relationship between the American Society and the Jewish community.

Why Fabletics is not upset by Amazon’s Competition

Those who think that Fabletics is upset by Amazon are wrong. Fabletics is ambitious online enterprises that have risen above its competitors. The fascinating thing about Fabletics is that it has managed to dominate the activewear industry in just three years. The company started and has managed to pull revenue of $250 million in the short years.

While it is clear that Amazon is a leader in the online retailing marketplace, one cannot deny that it faces huge competition. Amazon brings in approximately $110 billion of sales ever year. Most of its customers buy products in the range of food to electronics. It is a market leader and offers consumers everything and almost everything. However, Fabletics has taken a long position and managed to compete with the company. Fabletics has competed with the enterprise by focusing on a good business strategy. The firm focuses on a reverse showroom business model. Many retailers operate on a showroom business plan. The reverse showroom is where a large number of customers view products and purchase elsewhere at a lower price. Fabletics has brought a membership business model where members stick with the company for a long time. Members have a reason to buy from the company because they can purchase at a lower price.

Fabletics is an e-commerce fashion retailer that started operating in 2013. Kate Hudson started the company after she saw a gap in the activewear industry. She had the help of JustFab founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They formed a Fabletics brand that offered great products at the best prices. While it started as an online store, it expanded its territories to include the readily available brick and mortar companies. The stores have increased their sales immeasurably in its three years of operation. The growth shows a significant development for the enterprise.

Fabletics sells activewear for women that want to purchase well-designed clothing of high quality. A typical activewear complete outfit goes at $50. However, one can buy the item at discounted prices after signing up for its membership. Once you sign up for Fabletics membership program, you get billed for your subscription. You can purchase outfits at discounted prices at any time of the month. In case you would like to skip a month, you can cancel the subscription anytime before the beginning of the month. Fabletics has won the heart of many online buyers through its subscription business model.

The e-commerce section of the website has been incredibly successful. It is helpful by offering an adequate customer care service. It attracts new customers through special discounts provided to clients. Once one signs up for the site and chooses their subscription model, one receives clothing at every month. The firm then recommends clothing items to customers. One can return any clothing if they do not like it. Fabletics has succeeded because it has put the needs of clients in charge of the subscriptions. Customers can also skip a month’s payment without any much hassles. Many clients who have received the clothing have found it fit and of paramount quality.

New Chairman Of The Capital Group Extends His 30 Year Career

The Capital Group has been one of the top U.S. based financial specialists for more than 80 years and is driven by its commitment to its more that 7,000 analysts working across many different financial sectors. The rise of Timothy Armour through the group from being a part of the Associates Program at the company to a position as an analyst with the company and finally as the Chairman of the Capital Group; Armour followed the succession plan of Chairman Jim Rothenberg whose plan led to the election of Armour as the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of the Capital Group in July 2015.

Timothy Armour has been on a long journey to the position of Chairman at the Capital Group that began with the completion of his bachelors degree in economics from Middlebury College; the first career move Armour took was to join Capital’s Associates Program and begin his time at the company that has left him steeped in the history and tradition of the company. More than 30 years ago Tim Armour took his first career steps that led to him becoming an analyst specializing in U.S. service companies and global telecommunications, which was then in its infancy; despite rising to the position of Chairman of the Capital Group Timothy Armour still works as an analyst bringing his skills to the company he now leads.


The work Tim Armour has completed in finding investments in the global telecommunications industry has given him a solid grounding in the global financial markets that were struck by a major selloff in September 2015. Although many experts simply looked to blame the Chinese economy for the market selloff of 2015 Timothy Armour believes the problems lie much deeper in the issues seen across the world.

In the U.S. Tim Armour believes a rise in interest rates would halt the return to risky investments he has spotted over recent years as almost zero level interest rates have given analysts a confidence Armour believes has given rise to the problems seen in recent years. When both China and the U.S. were driving the global economy the zero interest rates were seen as a good thing by Armour, but he feels a change in U.S. policy would benefit the global markets and help developing nations find a solid foundation for the future.

For more information, connect with Tim Armour on LinkedIn.