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On July 26th, 2016 Seattle Genetics’ had the second quarter 2016 conference call. The conference call included the following: Clay Siegall, Todd Simpson, Eric Dobmeier, Jonathan Drachman, and Darren Cline. All whom play an important role in the establishment and the success of Seattle Genetics.

The conference call discussed the company Adcetris which is a multi-product oncology company. During the second quarter, Adcetris recorded record sales and are on their way to reaching phase three which includes the transformation of CD30-expressing lymphomas and how they are treated. The trials have resulted in positive results in antitumor activity including ASG-15ME and the ASG-22ME for urothelial cancer as well as SGN-LIV1A for breast cancer. At the conclusion of the conference call, Clay B. Siegall declared they are looking towards a brighter future in the upcoming years and plan on continuing with trials and testing.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

The CEO Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that focuses on the genetic transformations of cancer and tumor causing genes. Seattle Genetics is the founder in antibody-drug conjugates which is an antibody designed specifically to go after cancer cells in the body and destroy them.

Seattle Genetics has created something similar to a three step solution to their goal. The first step was to become the first in a New Class of ADCs, which they have accomplished in recent years. The next step, known as SGN-CD33A: Pivotal Phase 3 Program is focused on leukemia and the unmet need for patients. And the final phase is to use their internal research and development, collaborations and scientific innovation to improve treatment outcome for patients.

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  1. Sawyer Peyton says:

    Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998, and since their founding, they have grown to over six hundred employees or all have the same mission, to find the cure for cancer. There has been something that could do all that have resorted and it is wish that all things would go on like that for them.

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