The Nick Vertucci Story: Let it Inspire You Too

Nick’s story is that of an individual who beat all odds to succeed in life. He was raised by both his parents for a time. His father passed away when Nick was just ten years old. It is at this point that life started becoming difficult.


After the death of his father, he watched as his mother worked even harder to try and raise the family by her lonesome. By the age of 18 he had no p lace to stay and as such was living in his van. He felt defeated and disillusioned at

Turning Point

When he decided to start his own business of selling computer parts, his life made a turn for the better. He was happy to be able to dictate how he worked and where and when. Things were on the up and up for him.

The dotcom crash of 2000 totally messed him up and he saw his investment disappear into the either. He had not planned well and so the crush really messed him. Nick Vertucci got more and more into debt and still lost almost everything he had before the melt down.

Real Estate Training

The 18 months after his business failed were the toughest. He was desperate for an opening. He was later invited for a three day real estate workshop by a friend. Though he was at first reluctant he was persuaded that it would be worth it at the end on In retrospect Nick Vertucci says that the decision to listen to his friend was the best he ever made.

It did not occur to him at once what he had to do though he felt that there was a wave of change in the air. The course did not pay off at once. As a matter of fact Nick Vertucci says that it took him over 10 years to finally hit oil so to speak.


When things got better and Nick Vertucci grew to a millionaire status, he promised to teach people and also to get out of debt. He transformed his family’s financial standing for the better. He says that everyone wants to succeed, but the lack of know how is what does them in.

The ‘Real Estate Academy’

Nick Vertucci decided to start an institute to train others on how to do business in the real estate world. The real estate institution he started purposes to help others to learn how to make money in real estate.