The Real Norman Pattiz



Who is the real Norman Pattiz? He is a man known for many things. And, it appears that he is a man good for doing anything possible if podcasts are involved. He has a lot of energy for projects that bring crowds of attention and even more so for those projects that can endure long enough to make themselves legacy. Of course, the absolute best situation is when a project does both of those things and generates revenue. When the results come in, they almost always indicate that podcast are a major new wave in the business of entertainment and advertisement.


The key information to navigating podcast programming and promotion is to understand that podcast audiences listen keenly. They also want things that genuinely improve the quality of their lives. This suggests that they are educated and working professionals who need to stay ahead of the cutting edge. Other findings suggest that many podcast audience members are home owners who are in need of some kind of service to streamline their lifestyle. In essence, they want something new. Ultimately, pitching quality service and products is just as effective as giving them a brand name they already know. This information, gathered by Edison Research, is crucial to businesses like PodcastOne.


As the founder of PodcastOne, using information such as this to orchestrate successful business ventures is precisely what Mr. Pattiz does for a career. But, it is not just all about pushing the same old cheesy shows and commercials on audiences. There is a finesse to it. There has to be the right mix of current events, popular music, sports, education, comedy, politics, the miscellaneous and a little bit of razzle-dazzle. But, somehow he makes it all work out for the best. How does he do it?


The first thing to know about how Norman Pattiz makes things happen is to understand that there is no typical day for him or his team of people. Except, there is one thing that you can absolutely count on. He gets involved with everything possible, as far as PodcastOne is concerned. His ideology for success is all about implementation, especially for a small company such as his. However, he also knows the value of collaboration and flexibility in business practices. He is super excited about the new ways to pinpoint consumer demographics and bring them the things they need through marketing designs. In that many of his mentors are no longer with us, this pioneer and leader is one of a kind.

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